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No More Accidentally Messing up with Netflix Playback – Top Trending News

Here are the latest top 5 trending news from the world of technology 


No more accidentally messing up with Netflix Playback & here is why

It is real frustrating to accidentally mess up your favorite Netflix series, just because you end up touching a button on the playback. This unintentional act is normally defined as ‘accidentally messing up with the playback.’ But now this unintentional accident is unlikely to happen henceforth. This is because Netflix has added ‘screen lock feature’ that will help Android users to avoid such mess ups. According to 9To5 Google, this screen lock option will appear at the bottom of your screen as soon as you start watching a TV show or movie. This option will essentially freeze the buttons like play/pause buttons.


Xbox Game Studios and Warner Bros will be no more available on Nvidia’s GeForce


Xbox Game Studios and Warner Bros – along with Interactive Entertainment and Klei Entertainment – are latest to pull out of Nvidia’s GeForce. This spells bad news for Nvidia’s GeForce gamers. But the news isn’t all that bad actually, since many big gaming companies like Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, Bungie and Epic Games have vouched their full commitment to the service.


Zoom may be using artificial intelligence to prevent nudity on the Platform

Cory Doctorow, a British-Canadian blogger and popular science fiction author, has claimed in its recent post that Zoom may be using AI and machine learning to detect nude videos on its platform.  However, this is not been officially confirmed by Zoom.  But it should not come as a surprise if Zoom does use AI & ML, since many big tech companies like Facebook are known for using these technologies to track content on their platforms. Zoom’s demand has skyrocketed in aftermath of the lockdown but is also facing backlash for its security loopholes.


Uber leaves its star engineer in lurch; not ready to pay $179 Mn fine to Google

Uber has virtually left its former star engineer Anthony Levandowski in lurch by refusing to pay $179 Mn fine to Google on his behalf. The ride hailing giant argued in the court’s recent filling that Levandowski has essentially committed a fraud, an action that absolves the company from paying any fine on his behalf. The court filing was accessed by Bloomberg. Levandowski has pretty complicated history, having worked as an engineer in Google’s self-driving car unit before launching his self-driving company. This company was later acquired by Uber, prompting Google to sue the ride hailing company for allegedly stealing its technology.


Scientists detect rare crash of two black holes

Detecting black holes is virtually impossible, since its gravitational force can even gobbles up light. But black holes can be detected by detecting its sound ripples and sound waves and this is how LIGO scientists discovered the latest black hole crash in our universe. LIGO announced the discovery of the rare black hole crash on April 18 at online meeting of the American Physical Society. LIGO stands for Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory, an organization dedicated to studying black holes by detecting their gravitational waves in the universe.

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