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Nikon & Canon team up to fight Deep Fakes

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Nikon & Canon team up to fight Deep Fakes


Nikon, Canon and Sony will soon start manufacturing DSLR cameras that will embed digital signatures in images so that they can be easily distinguished from AI generated fake and deepfake images. These signatures contain crucial information like date, time, location, and name of the photographer, acting as a verifiable proof of origin and integrity. Nikon, Canon and Sony will each adopt different technologies to embed digital signatures. These cameras are likely to arrive in the market in the middle of 2024. This is a welcome move as it will help photographers to protect their original work against copyright infringement by AI companies. The AI boom has paved way for scores of AI powered image generating tools, raising concerns over copyright issues.


OpenAI’s revenue grows despite CEO drama

Despite the recent drama surrounding Sam Altman’s dramatic ouster and his subsequent reinstatement, OpenAI continues to make impressive stride on the revenue front. Last week, it was reported that ChatGPT’s parent company’s annualized revenue has surpassed $1.6 billion, which is a significant increase compared to previous years. This impressive growth could be attributed to strong demand for their powerful AI tools and services. The strong revenue growth can help OpenAI in commanding a good valuation in the upcoming round. Recently there was news that Sam Altman led company is in talks with several investors to raise fresh round of funding at an eye-popping valuation of $100 Bn.


Telegram revamps Voice & Video call Feature in Android

on January 1st, 2024, instant messaging app Telegram rolled out a fresh update in Android, bringing out some exciting features. This update has redesigned the interface for both voice and video calls; incorporating new animations and a cleaner overall look. Telegram claims that this will enhance the user experience and make voice and video calls more visually appealing. The new UI is also less resource-intensive, meaning improved performance during calls, especially on older devices. In addition to this, the latest update has brought popular “vaporize” animation in the Android app. Until now the “vaporize” animation was available only on Telegram’s iOS app. This animation plays when you delete messages, offering a more satisfying and visually engaging experience.


Spotify users on Android compliant of app crashing

how bad is your spotify

Spotify users on Android have been experiencing widespread app crashes since late December 2023. The issue appears to be caused by the latest beta update (version and affects users while trying to open the app. Reports on social media and tech forums describe the app crashing immediately upon launch, preventing users from accessing their music libraries and playlists. The problem seems to occur across various Android devices and versions, and basic troubleshooting steps like restarting the app or phone haven’t been effective. Spotify has acknowledged the issue and said that its engineers are working round the clock to fix the issue. Spotify is expected to release a fix for the crashing bug soon. Keep an eye out for app updates or official announcements from Spotify.


Baidu cancels billion-dollar deal over regulatory hurdle

Chinese search engine giant terminated its $3.6 billion purchase of JOYY’s China live-streaming unit, known as YY Live. This deal, announced in 2020, was one of the largest in the live-streaming sector and was intended to bolster Baidu’s presence in the growing online entertainment market.

According to Baidu’s filing, the conditions necessary for closing the deal, including obtaining regulatory approvals, were not fully satisfied by the end of 2023. This suggests regulatory scrutiny, potentially related to antitrust concerns, played a role in the deal’s demise.

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