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NEWOLDSTAMP: Turn Your Business Email Into Marketing Channel

Email signatures are a crucial part of your business emails. If you haven’t already included it in your emails, it is time to do so. They will increase your click-through-rates and opening rates.

The email statistics state that there are around 3.7 billion email users in the U.S. alone in 2017. Also, the competition in the sphere of business is quite high. 39.5% of the above-given users are related to local businesses who use emails for promotional purposes.

So, you are not alone, there are millions behind you trying to use one mistake against you. Let it not be lack of email signature.

Why Should You Choose the NEWOLDSTAMP signature generator?

NEWOLDSTAMP is a professional company that helps you create a business email signature. They let you reveal the true identity. Your business emails can be given a completely new look and revitalized by NEWOLDSTAMP. The team of professionals has a perfect combination of young and experienced people. They can help you create email signatures that have a familiar pattern with a twist.

As the statistics suggest, the opening rate for retail emails are only 20.96% and, unfortunately, the click-through rates are only 2.5% as of 2017. There seem to be a few things that have an impact on these things.

One of them is email signatures. Many business professionals believe that email signatures can almost double up the rates mentioned above within a short period of time. Also, it is important to have a design that complements your company (not something that turns out to be completely different). Therefore, the NEWOLDSTAMP service will make sure your company stands out in the business competition.

Importance of Business Email and Adding Your Signature

Emails have remained as one of the most important methods of marketing in business. Many marketing specialists have mentioned that although social media has become popular, emails are still here to stay. The reasons are:

Easy access

Emails are one of those platforms that are accessible with least internet signal. It is easy to handle and customize things. It is the least complicated online marketing tool. People from various fields and age-ranges know how to access emails. All you need to do is compose a personalized email, include email signature at the end, and send it to prospective clients.


Emails have been optimized for all kinds of devices. Nowadays, there are a high number of smartphone users. In 2019, the number of smartphone users will cross the 5 billion mark. Whereas the laptop owners are still at 160.9 million.

Basically, almost everybody on this earth owns a smartphone and it is easy to access emails through phones. Make sure the content in the emails are optimized for all devices (most importantly to the mobile phones). And with the NEWOLDSTAMP generator, you will get optimized sig templates to use.

Not expensive

Email marketing has another very big advantage that it is not expensive at all. In fact, for sending, receiving, opening, reading and writing an email is free. It is only certain software that helps speed up the process or some software that help you to manage the analytics. All other marketing methods require a lot of money to be invested. Therefore, it’s a great idea to promote through the emails and add your signature with CTA and ads.

Fast and Effective

Emails are sent and received within a few seconds after tapping the button. It requires minimal internet to do so. They are an effective method of communication because you can include text, pictures, videos or files (all in one email). The customers can reply as soon as they receive or ask any queries they have. Additionally, if you add your email signature, it would be a prominent block with all important data included at one sight.

Importance of Making the NEWOLDSTAMP Signature

Your corporate identity is important for brand loyalty. The way people always address branded companies like “Oh see they are Puma shoes” or “That is a Gucci bag” or “I want a Chanel bag”. People get attached to the brand. That is a marketing trick. An email signature is aimed at doing the same thing.

As already told before, email signatures constitute a significant part of an email because of various reasons. Some of them are listed below:

1. Brand Usage

How your email is influencing people is seen in the email signature. The email signature shows up the company guidelines. The colors, picture and the font of text tells a lot about the brand. Clients can actually know what kind of company you have. The email signature ensures that the company puts up a good image.

2. Awareness

Every day, your company will send around 1000 emails. Half of them will open and only 2% will read through it. But once they open it, at least the highlighted color palette and the picture will draw their attention. That is how your brand name will remain on the back of their mind.

3. Authenticity

Your brand needs its clients to believe them and email signatures help them to do so. Email signatures are a sign of trust and authenticity. It shows that your company is well established and that this email is not a scam.

There are many online scamming people and using vital information about their clients. But an appropriate and professional email signature will help you establish trust in your clients.

4. Digital Card

Every company has a business card which provides vital information and recognition. But now the world is on the internet. If you do not have a digital identity then it is possible that nobody will recognize you.

That is why it is essential to have an online recognition. The best and the cheapest way to do so is having a business email signature at the end of every email. NEWOLDSTAMP can help you create a professional and attractive email signature.

Wrapping Up

The email signature is the easiest way to the marketing channel. It is crucial to have an email signature with short text and an icon of the image. The image must be relevant to the company and must be of good quality.

You can try to have up-to-date information like your contact number, email, and address of your company. Also, you may add social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

NEWOLDSTAMP can help you create an email signature which will remain consistent throughout the lifetime of the company. They can also help you with changing your pre-existing email signature and give it a completely new look.

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