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New Chapter unfolds at Disney, after irreplaceable CEO Bob Iger Steps Down


Disney’s Boss Bob Iger Steps Down from Immediate effect   


Bob Iger is to Disney what Steve Jobs was to Apple. Iger painstakingly and gradually built Walt Disney into juggernaut and giant that is today. But on Tuesday, Iger shocked the corporate world after stepping down from Disney’s CEO position. What presumably shocked the world was that no one really saw this coming and transition was way too sudden. Bob Chapek, head of Disney Park, will be the new CEO from immediate effect and in-charge of company’s day-to-day affair. Without a shadow of doubt, Chapek has really big shoes to fill in as he looks to ensure that Disney continues to march on the growth trajectory.


Amazon’s First Cashierless Supermarket hits Seattle Neighborhood

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Amazon is apparently dead serious about cracking the $800 Bn American grocery industry. Its decisive intent became clear on Tuesday when Seattle resident stepped inside Amazon’s first, full-fledged cashierless supermarket. Spread across nearly 10,000 square feet, this supermarket is way bigger than the original Amazon Go Stores. Being a cashierless store, customers can spare themselves from the inconvenience of standing unduly long in the checkout lines. They simply need to shop whatever they want and can pay later from their Amazon app. The on-line retail giant is heavily banging on hi-tech technology for the success of its cashierless supermarket. Two decades ago, jeff Bezos changed the way we shopped online and now Amazon’s founder is probably well on course to redefine our offline shopping experience.


Firefox enables new network privacy feature for US netizens

Firefox may no longer be the world’s most favorite web browser. However, its positive track record on privacy issue surely makes it a stand out web browser. Now Firefox has gone one step ahead in its quest to make the World Wide Web a much safer place, after it began enabling a special privacy feature for US internet users that will make almost impossible for ISPs and others to track their online activities. This special privacy feature uses DOH technology, which is designed to address internet’s privacy concerns with encryption. Guess, Firefox wants to give some hard lessons to Google Chrome when it comes to privacy issues.


Tesla’s Autopilot Partially Blamed for 2018 Deadly Crash

Remember the 2018 Silicon Valley Tesla car crash that left the Tesla SUV driver dead.  After two years to that deadly crash, National Transportation Safety Board said that Tesla’s auto-pilot system was partly responsible for the deadly crash. The board’s investigation also blamed driver’s distracted behavior for the crash; the driver was allegedly playing video game when his Tesla car was being controlled by a partially automated driving system.


Donald Trump’s makes another gaffe, this time on Coronavirus  


It is bit too much when the world’s most powerful man has little knowledge about a virus that has thrown the entire world on the edge. But this is Donald Trump we are talking about, the man who boosts envious record in making gaffes. US President’s latest gaffe occurred when he claimed that American scientists are almost near in making a vaccine for treatment of Coronavirus. But in reality, as of today scientists are nowhere near in finding a vaccine for coronavirus. Now White House has come out to rescue Trump from his latest gaffe by claiming that President was actually referring to Ebola virus.

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