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Netflix’s newest experiment borrows feature from TikTok – Top Trending News

Here are today’s top trending news from the world of technology 


Netflix’s newest experiment borrows a feature from TikTok

Netflix on Tv Screen, image source: Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Netflix’s latest experiment has lot to do with TikTok as the former looks to add full-screen vertical video feed to its platform. For all those who don’t know the concept of full-screen vertical video was popularized by TikTok. By the way, Netflix’s latest experiment is called ‘Fast Laughs.’ This isn’t the first time that streaming giant is taking inspiration from other platforms for adding new features to its platform. Back in 2018, it had borrowed the concept of short form video stories from social media apps llike Twitter and Snapchat.


300,000 –the number of tweets that Twitter mislabeled it as ‘misleading’ during U.S election

Twitter has finally come out with a breakdown of the number of tweets it labeled as ‘misleading’ during the recently concluded U.S. election. The micro-blogging giant said that from 27h October – 11 November it labeled around 300,000 tweets as misleading. This accounts for approximately 0.2% of total number of election related tweets that were tweeted during these last two weeks. In fact, Twitter didn’t even spare many Donald Trump’s tweet as they were labeled as misleading.


Big Slur – Mac’s latest OS – Causes Temporary Slowdown

Mac users across the world faced unexpected issues just when Apple started rolling out BigSlur, the latest version of Mac OS.  Apps taking unduly long time to launch and stuttering were one of the major issues reported by almost all Mac users. Even Mac users that did not upgrade to Big Slur had started witnessing these problems. To know more click here…


Trump admin is now least bothered about TikTok Ban

Now that Donald Trump has lost the U.S. elections and will soon become Ex-President, his administration is now apparently least bothered about TikTok ban. This after the Commerce Department put a hold on the executive order that would have compelled TikTok to suspend all its operations in the U.S. The commerce department said that the executive order against TikTok has been put on hold pending legal further legal developments in several lawsuits.


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