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Netflix want to turn its hit shows like Squid Game into Mobile Games

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Netflix want to turn its hit shows like Squid Game into Mobile Games

In a yet another confirmation that Netflix is taking the gaming vertical seriously, the streaming giant is reportedly planning to turn some of its hit shows into games. Some of these hit shows include the likes of Squid Game and Wednesday. Actually Netflix has already released a number of games based on its popular shows, such as “Stranger Things” and “Bridgerton.” However, these games failed to resonate with Netflix subscribers and also did not achieve the critical acclaim. Netflix’s serious pursuit to dent the gaming industry is also highlighted by other developments. For instance, it recently released a dedicated controller app for IOS devices that allow players to use their phone as a gamepad with their paired TV.


Twitch is the latest to add ‘Stories’ to its Platform

After Snapchat and Facebook, it is now the turn of popular game streaming service ‘Twitch’ to add ‘Stories’ to its platform. Twitch Stories will have all the similar features that ‘Stories’ on other social media platforms offer. However, Stories on Twitch will expire only after 48 hours unlike the 24 hours on Facebook and Instagram. Currently, the ability to create Twitch Stories is limited to partners and affiliates. However, the platform has assured that the access will be rolled to more eligible streamers by end of this week. In the past, Stories has helped other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram to keep their users in hook. And Twitch would be hoping for the same.


Baidu Unveils Ernie 4.0 – the latest version of its AI chatbot  

At its annual AI event in Beijing on Monday, Chinese tech giant Baidu unveiled Ernie 4.0, the latest and newest version of its AI chatbot. The company has claimed that Ernie 4.0 is as powerful as OpenAI’s GPT 4. During the event Baidu’s CEO Robin Li demonstrated some of the capabilities of its AI chatbot, including writing a martial art novel in real time as well as creating advertising videos and posters. However, only coming time will determine whether Ernie 4.0 can match up with OpenAI’s GPT 4. When Baidu had launched Ernie for the first time in March this year, it failed to impress the journalists and investors at the event.



Intel launches 14th-gen Raptor Lake Desktop Processors with faster clock speed & improved features

Intel has announced its 14th-generation Raptor Lake desktop processors. The new lineup includes the Core i9-14900K, which Intel claims is the fastest desktop processor in the world. The 14th-gen Raptor Lake desktop processors are based on the Intel 7 process and feature up to 24 cores and 32 threads. The company further claims that it offers up to 23% faster gaming performance than the previous generation and up to 54% faster performance in creator workflows. The processors will be compatible with existing Intel 600 and 700 series motherboards. It will be immediately available for sale in the US and available in other markets in coming months.


Binance stops accepting new users in UK

World’s largest crypto exchange Binance has been ordered to stop accepting new users in the UK. However, existing Binance users in the UK will still be able to access their accounts and trade crypto assets. For accepting new users, it will have to be fully register and comply with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority or FCA’s new regulations. Until then Binance won’t be even able to launch any new products or services in the UK. The company said that it is closely working with the FCA to resolve the issue. The World’s largest crypto exchange is facing heat from the regulators in several countries including in the US where it is facing investigation from the SEC.       

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