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Netflix Slashes Prices in over 30 Countries

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that I feel every tech enthusiast should have.


Netflix Slashes Prices in over 30 Countries

There is some good news for Netflix subscribers. The streaming giant has announced that it is cutting its monthly subscription prices in over 30 countries. These selected countries hail from the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. Notably, prices won’t be slashed in the U.S. and other developed countries where Netflix had recently increased the subscription price.  This move has come at a time when Netflix has launched cheaper ad supported plans in over 12 countries and also crackdown on password sharing. Besides, Netflix’s latest decision goes against the ongoing trend in the streaming industry that has seen several leading streaming players increase their subscription prices.


European Commission Bans TikTok

The popular short video app TikTok has been outcasted from the European Commission (EC). The European Commission, which is the executive wing of the European Union or EU, has released a memo asking all its staff to remove the TikTok app from those mobile devices that are only used for professional purposes. The EC has ordered all its staff employees to remove the TikTok app from their mobile devices by March 15th, according to BBC.  The EC said that the move aims to protect the European Union’s executive body against the cyber security threat and any potential cyberattack. The American Congress also recently passed a law banning its senators and other law makers from using the TikTok app on their devices.


Google Workspace apps are getting a makeover   

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Google is all set to bring slew of new features to its workspace apps in the ensuing weeks including an all- new look and feel. Taking inspiration from its Material Design 3 language, Google claims that the updated design will simplify and make the user-interface more user friendly. Apart from redesign, Google will also introduce a multiselect toolbar that will make it easier to share, download, move and delete more than one file at a time. Over all, following the latest update, Google Workplace apps like Google Drive, Google Sheet and other apps will look lot more different and come with more functionalities.


Twitter faces Outage for several minutes

Scores of Twittrati across the world faced problem in accessing Twitter on Thursday as the microblogging website went down for several minutes., which tracks website outage, said that nearly 2,000 Twitterati reported outage problem, of which almost 55% were reported for mobile apps. However, the outage was very brief and Twitter also did not issue any official statement on the issue. This is probably the second time that Twitter has faced an outage ever since Musk took over the company last year. The first outage was reported earlier this month, which was much bigger outage.


Uber app gets a major redesign

Ride hailing major has overhauled its app design and interface with slew of new feature. The redesign has been done at a global level, which means that all Uber customers spread across different markets will be to see and experience the all new features. However, the new design and features will be currently available only on IOS while the update on Android app is likely to come in coming weeks. Some of key features that will be introduced with this new design update includes a new looking home screen, new ride feature that makes it easier to bike ride favorites and a tab fpr live activities.

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