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Netflix opts for another layoff, removes 300 employees

Here are today’s top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Netflix opts for another layoff, removes 300 employees

Streaming giant Netflix has said that it is laying off 300 people as the streaming company continues with its cost-cutting drive. This is the second time in two months that Netflix has opted for layoffs. Last month (i.e. June), the streaming company had laid off nearly 150 employees. The latest layoffs will again mostly impact the U.S. workforce. Netflix is currently going through a tough time because of declining subscribers, which has a lot to do with the increasing competition in the streaming space. By the way, Netflix is also struggling to increase its subscribers even in the Indian market.


Apple manufacturer Foxconn may setup an EV plant in India

Foxconn India

Foxconn, the manufacturing partner of Apple, has expressed its desire to set-up an EV plant in India., Foxconn Chairman Young Liu, who is currently in India, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday and reportedly shared the EV plan with Modi. According to media reports, Foxconn is planning to set-up an EV plant in the southern city of Chennai. Interestingly, Foxconn already has a manufacturing plant in Chennai where it manufactures Apple’s iPhone. By the way, Elon Musk’s Tesla and Ford have already given up on their plans to set up an EV manufacturing plant in India.


Amazon unveils its first fully autonomous mobile robot

Amazon openly embraces
AI robots.

E-commerce giant Amazon has rolled-out its maiden and first ever autonomous mobile robot. But don’t really get excited. This robot is not meant for end consumers like you and me. Amazon has actually designed this robot for its warehouses where it stores most of its online shopping products and inventories. This robot, which is officially called Proteus, is a unique robot compared to its all other Amazon robots. Mainly because it can move large carts throughout the warehouse without human intervention. However, mind you, Proteus is still in beta stage and will take months before Amazon introduces this robot in all its warehouses.


Binance signs Cristiano Ronaldo for NFT promotion

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has found a very big catch for promoting its NFT marketplace. And this big catch is the football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Binance has said that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Ronaldo. And, as part of this agreement, Binance will soon launch Cristiano Ronaldo’s exclusive NFT collections on its platform. The other financial details of this deal are still not known. By the way, Ronaldo’s arch rival Lionel Messi had launched its NFT collection last year itself. But, I guess, Ronaldo is bit late in joining the NFT bandwagon. That’s because the demand for NFTs has been significantly sliding down over the last few months.


After Ola scotty, now Tata’s EV car catches fire in Mumbai

Remember the recent controversy of Ola’s EV scotties catching fire, which took the social media by storm. Well, now adding further fuel to the fire is the latest news of Tata’s SUV car Nexon Ev catching fire in the capital city Mumbai. What’s really interesting, this is the first time a EV car has been involved in a fire incident. Remember guys, until now only fire incidents involving EV scottys have so far been reported in the media. Interestingly, following the incident of Tata EV car catching fire, Ola Electric CEO said on Twitter that EV vehicles catching fire is a global phenomena and such incidents cannot be ruled out in future.

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