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Netflix is opening its First-ever Physical Store where people can Play, Shop & Eat

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Netflix is opening its first-ever physical store where people can play, shop & eat

how to get around netflix household

According to a Bloomberg report, Netflix is planning to launch its first ever retail store, dubbed as Netflix House, in 2025. The streaming giant is planning to start its first few stores in the US, followed by a global expansion across other countries. Currently, there is not much information available about Netflix House. However, what we do know is that it will be a place where people can shop, eat and enjoy lot of other entertainment option. Netflix has so far not commented on this new report. But it is an open secret that Netflix is currently in pressure to search for new stream of revenue as competition in the streaming market intensifies.


Threads now offers edit button (and it is free)

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that starting from today Threads will offer an edit button option to all users. Threads users will now get to edit the post for the first five minutes since the post goes live. After the fives minutes, the post will be blocked and hence users can no longer edit it. This feature is completely free and will be available on mobile app as well as for the web users. However, Threads edit feature comes with certain limitations. Apart from offering limited time for edit as compared to X, it also does not show the history of the edited posts.         


SpaceX launches new Website to promote Starlink service for Mobile phones

Elon Musk’s space rocket company SpaceX has just launched a brand-new website that will be dedicated to promoting its soon to be launched Starlink service for mobile phones. This new website highlights several benefits of its upcoming service including seamless access to text, voice, and data for LTE phones across the globe. The website also mentions that the users won’t need special any hardware or software to access the service. In addition, the website includes a FAQ section that answers common questions about the service like how it works and how much the service will cost. SpaceX has not yet announced a launch date for the Starlink direct to mobile service. However, the company has hinted that it plans to launch this service early next year.


Google’s AI driven Search Experience can now Generate Images and Create Drafts  

Google’s AI powered search feature SGE or Search Generative Experience is getting new features starting from today. Users can now generate images by using text prompts in SGE, a feature that is already available in Bing’s image creator. Powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E 3. In addition, users can now also write draft within SGE and can add further customizations by changing the overall tone of the draft, making it either more serious or casual. For all those who don’t know, Google’s Search Generative Experience offers new way of searching the way by using generative AI features. It is currently in the experimental phase and is available to limited number of users in the US and other markets.


Google to Safeguard Generative AI users against Copyright Claims  

Google announced on Thursday that it will protect users of its generative AI systems in its Google Cloud and Workplace platform if they face any legal action over intellectual property violations. Google said in its press release that its pledge to safeguard will be part of its new policy. This new policy will apply to its Vertex AI development platform and Duet AI system. However, interestingly company’s press release did not mention Google’s popular AI chatbot ‘Bard.’ This assurance has come at a time when several prominent writers and artists have filed lawsuits over copyright violation, accusing the tech companies of using their creative work without their proper consent. Other big tech companies like Microsoft and Adobe have given similar assurance to its generative AI users.

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