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Now NASA Wants to Tap into AI for Deep Space Research

NASA aims to integrate AI into space communication network.

Currently, there is probably not a single premium tech company in the world that has not got swept by the hype surrounding the artificial intelligence (AI). The likes of Facebook, Google, Apple, IBM and several others are at present running many mega ambitious projects to tap the potential of AI. Now another big name that has got added into this list is the American space agency NASA.

According to news reports, NASA is mulling over the possibility of integrating AI technology into its space communications networks. This would help the premium space agency to precisely comprehend the ever increasing complex space data’s with minimum human intervention.

NASA would achieve this by replacing the current human-controlled radio systems with the highly developed cognitive radio system. This cognitive radio system infused with AI will aim to overcome all the limitations of its predecessor in order to make space communication more efficient and resilient for NASA.

The space agency also furnished some valuable details about how AI would help to improve the efficiency of its communication network system. It claimed that AI can help cognitive radio to shut on its own during unfavorable weather condition across the space. Furthermore, it could also circumvent the negative effects of space weather.

Additionally, a cognitive radio network backed by AI can recommend alternate data paths to the ground and also pave way for more efficient scheduling by allocating ground station downlinks just hours in advance.

Overall, NASA expects AI to become a boon in redefining its communication network across space.

In a separate news, NASA’s Kepler space telescope aided by Google’s artificial intelligence has reportedly managed to discover a new exoplanet – a earth size planet that could possibly nurture life.  According to reports, NASA is going to held a press conference on Thursday to reveal more details about this news.

This breaking news surely appears to be a strong proof that Nasa is indeed serious about integrating AI into space research, which most space enthusiasts are certainly going to welcome.

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