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Musk predicts SpaceX to launch Ocean Spaceport Next year – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…


Musk predicts SpaceX to launch Ocean Spaceport next year

If everything goes well then next year SpaceX may launch Mars bound Starship from ocean spaceport. Elon revealed about this ambitious plan on its Twitter handle. The ocean spacecraft has been named as ‘Deimos’ and is still under construction. Last year, Musk had tweeted that “SpaceX is building a floating, superheavy-class spaceports for Mars, moon & hypersonic travel around Earth”. However, a floating spaceports causing environmental concerns cannot be ruled out.


Starting today, Google Photos to put a cap on Free Storage


Starting today (i.e. June 1), Google Photos will stop free & unlimited storage of high quality photos. The company has put a cap on free storage till 15GB space. Once the users cross the 15 GB space, they will have to subscribe to the paid plans. However, users can change the quality of photos and continue to enjoy uninterrupted free services from Google Photos.


Apple Podcasts Subscription Services that was supposed to be launched in 173 countries has been delayed  (Until June)

Apple logo on building
Image Credits: Flickr Adam Fagen

Apple was supposed to launch its Podcasts Subscription Services in April in nearly 173 countries. However, this plan has now been postponed till the month of June. The tech giant cited technical issues for delaying the services. According to reports, creators & developers using Apple Podcast ran in to several issues.


Google’s Fitbit device may soon add snoring detection to its devices

Google’s Fitbit may soon add  a feature to its device that will help to detect the snoring voices while they are asleep. This upcoming feature may prove helpful for those who suffer from snoring habit. However, reports in certain review portals claim that this upcoming feature will prove a big drag on the battery life. Google, which acquired Fitbit last year, has so far not confirmed about this feature.


India gives respite to the crypto industry

Man holding fictional bitcoin currency in his hand
Image Credits: Pixabay

India’s central bank gave a much needed respite to India’s crypto industry. It has said that its circular issued in 2018 that prohibited banks from trading in digital currencies is no longer valid. RBI cited that the supreme court has already quashed this circular and hence is not valid. India’s fledging crypto industry has welcomed the news.

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