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Mitrefinch: Resolve your HR Headache with Mitrefinch’s Software & Tools

Workforce productivity is one factor that cannot be taken for granted, not least by companies that are really serious about their aspirations. In fact, today it is universally acknowledged that keeping a tab on employee productivity is immensely critical for succeeding in the current hyper-competitive scenario.

Mitrefinch knows quite a few things about how to keep employee productivity at an optimum level. Since 1979 this company has been providing software and tools that have helped scores of companies in keeping their work productivity at an optimum level. Backed by such unmatched and rich experience, today Mitrefinch is widely hailed as the pioneer in designing HR and workforce-related solutions.

To keep pace with the ever-changing dynamics of the 21st-century work culture and modern companies, Mitrefinch has strived to make its tools & software more efficient and responsive over the years. These tools & software, as a result, have had a direct or indirect impact on the topline growth of scores of companies.

Not just SMEs and mid-size companies, even countless fortune 500 companies are resolving their HR problems with the help of Mitrefinch solutions. Resultantly, these big MNCs have succeeded in sustaining their employee productivity.

Mitrefinch’s tools & software for work management purposes

  • Time & attendance software: Mitrefinch’s time & attendance software helps midsize as well as large companies to accurately record employee’s work hours at any location. Apart from accomplishing payroll accuracy, it helps in offsetting labor costs, accurate reporting of overtime, eliminating inaccurate reporting, and time theft.


  • HR Software: Designed exclusively for the intrinsic needs of modern HR professionals, this cloud-based software effortlessly performs all HR related activities. Be it easy storage and access of all employee records, simplifying the entire process of recruitment and onboarding of new employees, generating detailed reports on all labor activity, and curtailing invaluable time consumed by administrative tasks and filing.


  • Absence Management Software: Employee absenteeism is a costly productive loophole and therefore every company seeks to overcome it. With Mitrefinch’s Absence Management Software, companies can easily ensure that this loophole is avoided. This system tracks employee absenteeism with 100% accuracy and effectively dilutes the possibility of any abuse. It also gives a real-time record of employee absenteeism and thereby allow companies to detect any possible inconsistencies in absenteeism record.


  • Mobile Workforce: At times when work-from-home has almost become a norm, Mitrefinch’s mobile workforce system can offer a formidable workforce solution for companies. By effectively managing the workforce on move, this system can effortlessly track the record of employee attendance using any device. Additionally, to keep the company’s productivity at the optimum level this system accurately verifies employees working hours by using GPS tracking. It can also keep track of employee performance in virtually all locations.


  • Employee Self-Service: This system is dedicated to remote as well as on-site workers and is another worthy solution from the suite of Mitrefinch software and tools. This specific tool is designed to increase employee engagement and satisfaction. It does this by giving employees access to their schedule and allowing them to manage their own This unique solution is primarily created for companies aiming to increase workforce productivity by them giving ownership of their time.


  • Workforce scheduling: workforce scheduling is a data-driven software that gives companies deep insight into the pay scale of employees, skills, and updates on employee productive roaster. This particular software is specially crafted for companies that are serious about achieving efficiency through cost-effective schedules and workforce productivity.

It must be noted that Mitrefinch’s solutions are applicable to almost all industries and sectors. Irrespective of whether the companies hail from B2B or B2C sector, Mitrefinch’s intuitively crafted solutions are designed to fit all types and sizes of companies. These tools and software can be availed through the cloud, hybrid, and on-premise models.


Today the name ‘Mitrefinch’ is synonymous with HR and workforce management solutions. This strong brand equity is the testimony of Mitrefinch’s enormous contribution to the efficient management of workforce and HR-related issues across all the sectors. Above all, this brand equity has been earned not merely by years but decades of invaluable contribution. A feat and achievement that can hardly be matched by any competitors in the market. Therefore, we don’t think it would be hyperbole to claim that Mitrefinch’s rich experience & unique ability in resolving HR issues makes it a truly exceptional company.

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