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Microsoft To say “RIP” to Internet Explorer in 2022 – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology 


Microsoft To say “RIP” to Internet Explorer in 2020

Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on Internet Explorer, a web browsing platform that today almost stands as redundant. Microsoft has said that it will stop providing support to Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 O.S from 15th June  2022. It further added that ‘the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 will be Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer served the netizens for more than 25 years but its market share over the last decade has literally collapsed owing to severe competition from Google Chrome.


ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming set to Step Down

Zhang Yiming, CEO of ByteDance and Founder of TikTok, has informed to his employee in a company memo that he is  all set to step down. Yiming will be replaced by ByteDance’s Human Resource Chief Liang Rubo. This is the biggest shake up in ByteDance ever since it was officially launched in 2012. ByteDance emerged as one of the biggest internet companies in the last one decade, after its flagship video sharing app TikTok become the sensation among the global teen population. However, ByteDance had a harrowing time last year, after TikTok courted controversies in lucrative markets including India and the US.


Cryptocurrency Carnage: Bitcoin & other major crypto’s market capitalization nosedives

Cryptocurrency industry witnessed a bloodbath on 19th May (Wednesday) as the global industry saw its market capitalization nosedive by whopping $177 Bn. All the leading cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum saw their valuation crashing down. Bitcoin is back to its $30,000 range, its lowest price since January 2011. Crypto’s prices got hammered following China’s latest coercive action against the digital currencies and Elon Musk taking a sudden u-turn on Bitcoin.


Twitter’s Research found out that its AI Tool is ‘Racist’

Twitter’s image cropping algorithm has a strong bias towards black people, the micro-blogging giant found out via a new research, categorically adding that cropping images should be best left to humans. The research was conducted by machine learning experts. Twitter was compelled to conduct this study after it faced repeated criticisms that its AI tool is apparently biased against black colored people.

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