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Microsoft made an inconclusive bid to acquire Pinterest – Top Tech News

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Microsoft made an inconclusive bid to acquire Pinterest

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According to reports, Software giant Microsoft had approached Pinterest during last few months for a possible acquisition deal. However, reports also suggest that Microsoft has temporarily backed off and currently is not aggressively pursuing the deal. The talks were initiated as part of Microsoft’s acquisition strategy to amass popular online social media communities that could run on its cloud computing platform. But even if the software giant were to again re-start the acquisition talks Pinterest’s soaring market valuation will pose a huge challenge. Pinterest’s valuation has been increased almost 600% since it started witnessed unprecedented online traction during the Covid-19 lockdown period.


Facebook is trying to build audio chat product to compete with audio chat product Clubhouse

With Clubhouse app gaining huge traction among young followers, Facebook is getting restless to build a similar product. As per people familiar with matter, Mark Zuckerberg is damn serious about tapping into new communication medium in order to user base. Grapvines claim that product creation process is still in the early stage and would take little long time to hit the market. Industry experts claim that Social media giant fears that Clubhouse may pose similar challenge that was once posed by Whatsapp, which was eventually acquired by Facebook in 2014.


Toyota to roll out its first mass-market EV car in the US this year

In a quest to tap the impending boom of electric vehicles, Toyota has finally decided to launch its maiden mass-market electric vehicle cars in the US later this year. The auto-maker behemoth said that it will launch two EV vehicles in 2021 but refused to shed any further details. Toyota is in race with other auto majors like GM & Ford to bring affordable EV vehicles in the market. However, the task of these big auto companies is cut out with Tesla having already consolidated its position in the nascent EV market.


Is Koo a mere pretender or contender against Twitter?  

During the last 24 hours, Koo app has been creating lot of buzz on Indian social media platforms. The demand for Koo app, which is alternative to Twitter, has reportedly touched such an insane level that its sever is repeatedly facing outage issue. The unprecedented demand for Koo has come at a time when Twitter is caught in an ugly spat with the Indian government over censorship issue.

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