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Microsoft introduces Ads in Bing Chatbot  

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Microsoft introduces Ads in Bing Chatbot  

In a rather surprising move, Microsoft’s Vice President Yusuf Mehdi announced on Wednesday that it is all set to launch ads in AI powered chatbot. However, there is still no clarity about how the ads will appear in the chat. Reports further claim that Microsoft has already started contacting several companies and ad agencies for ad placement. It was expected that Microsoft will eventually bring ads in its chatbot but probably no one expected that this would happen so soon. Many experts believe that the AI powered chatbot could help Microsoft’s Bing in securing a level playing field against Google, which currently dominates the global search engine.


Elon Musk calls for pause on AI experiment, Citing risk to the society  

The massive success of ChatGPT has once again ignited the debate of whether one day machines will takeover the entire humanity.  At least some experts including tech billionaire Elon Musk don’t want to underestimate this fear.  Turns out that Musk along with scores of other AI researchers have signed an open letter, published by Future of Life Institute, urging all the AI labs around the world to at least temporarily pause large scale AI experiments that are supposedly more powerful than ChatGPT 4. The letter says that several AI labs are currently locked in an “out-of-control-race” to develop machine learning systems that “no one not even their creators can understand, predict or control.”


Twitter finally unveils new API pricing for developers

Twitter has finally given some details of its new API pricing, after cutting the third-party access to its APIs as part of its big shakeup. As part of this new pricing, Twitter will offer a free-tier with limited features but offers far less features than the earlier version. Twitter’s paid version includes two plans Basic and Enterprise with Basic Plan charging $100 from developers where they post 3,000 tweets a month at the user level and up to 50,000 tweets per month at an app level. Besides, the basic plan also offers read limit of 10,000 tweets a month, which is again far less what was previously offered to developers.          


Google refutes Bard was developed with ChatGPT


After the unimpressive debut of Google AI Chatbot Brad, Google reportedly has been pulling all the strings to make its AI chatbot better. However, according to some media reports, Google claims that it is only using ethical means to achieve success in this challenging mission and is not stooping low as to train Brad using data from OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Google further claimed that it is rather using its AI firm DeepMind to train and better its AI chatbot Brad. Google’s clarification assumes importance after reports emerged that one of its top AI researchers has resigned citing these allegations.


TikTok was briefly Down bcoz of Japanese Teenage Ban

TikTok experienced a brief outage on Wednesday but this downtime was not caused because of any technical reasons. Rather this outage was due to heavy traffic caused by the release of a new single by Japanese girl group ‘JOY.’ JOY’s new single “Sweet Sixteen” got 1.5 Mn views within five minutes of uploading the video. TikTok’s server obviously could not handle the sudden influx and experienced brief outage. However, it is still not clear which countries experienced this outage and for how long this downtime lasted.

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