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Microsoft gets a new Windows and Surface Chief

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Microsoft gets a new Windows and Surface Chief


Tech giant Microsoft made a big announcement on Monday by announcing that it is hiring Pavan Davuluri as the new leader for both Windows and Surface divisions. This comes after Panos Panay, the previous head, left Microsoft for Amazon last year.  It’s interesting to note that Microsoft had previously split Windows and Surface into separate groups, but with Davuluri’s appointment, they are being brought back together. Davuluri has been integral part of Microsoft’s hardware team for more than 23 years and was critical member of the team that worked with Qualcomm and AMD to create custom Surface processors.


Zoom launches Zoom AI Companion

Zoom Workplace, which is an all-in-one collaboration platform built by Zoom, on Monday launched a slew of new AI features to make things easier and more efficient for its users. One such feature happens to be Zoom AI Companion, which can summarize meetings and chat threads, draft emails and messages, brainstorm ideas on whiteboards, and even suggest meeting times based on chat conversations. Another new feature is called Ask AI Companion, which lets you interact with the AI assistant in a more natural way. You can ask it questions, get summaries of meetings and chats, and even delegate tasks.


WhatsApp is testing AI-powered image editing feature

There is an exciting news for all WhatsApp users. The instant messaging app owned by Meta is currently testing an AI-powered image editing features within the messenger app itself. Thanks to these AI editing tools, users can professionally edit their photos with absolute ease. Besides, they won’t need to switch to separate editing tool for editing the photos. According to unconfirmed reports, the AI powered image editing feature will have three functionalities. These are backdrop,” “restyle,” and “expand.” The specifics and details of these features are still not known. Overall, the introduction of AI-powered image editing in WhatsApp is a significant development. It will be interesting to see how this feature evolves and how it impacts the way people share photos on the platform.


Tesla to give Test Drive to customers to show off self-driving tech


Tesla is reportedly implementing a new policy where they will take customers on a test drive to showcase their Full Self-Driving or FSD technology. This decision comes from CEO Elon Musk who believes many customers underestimate FSD’s capabilities. Musk reportedly believes many customers don’t fully understand how well FSD performs, hence the mandatory test drive. While this is a welcome development, there is also a possibly downside. The implementation of mandatory test drives could potentially slow down car deliveries for Tesla. Nonethless, the test drive can be a helpful opportunity for potential FSD users to learn more about the technology and its limitations before they get behind the wheel.


X loses lawsuit against hate speech watchdog

In a huge setback for X, the microblogging platform owned by billionaire Elon Musk has lost a lawsuit against a prominent nonprofit organization ‘Center for Countering Digital Hate’ or CCDH. X had sued CCDH for improperly collecting data and making misleading reports about an increase in hate speech on the platform since Musk took over.  However, the judge dismissed the lawsuit, stating it appeared X Corp was targeting CCDH for criticizing the platform’s rise in hate speech and their reports might have impacted advertising revenue. Overall, this lawsuit’s dismissal is a setback for X Corp and highlights the ongoing debate about how social media platforms should handle hate speech.

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