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Microsoft Fires Journalists and replaces them with AI – Top Trending News


Microsoft laying dozens of Journalists & COVID 19 is not the reason for this layoff


Tech giant Microsoft is laying off several journalists at its Microsoft News and MSN Organization (Microsoft owns However, this lay off has nothing to do with ongoing coronavirus crises, which is proving to be a major drag for the global economy. Microsoft has taken this decision in order to give a major push to artificial intelligence (AI) in picking news and content on its various platforms, which has now led to job cuts at MSN and other Microsoft subsidiaries that deal with news and content.


Unlike Twitter, Facebook won’t have any faceoff with Trump

Mark Zuckerberg at a conferene
Image Credits: Facebook

While Twitter is currently caught in a spat with White House that is now looking like a never-ending saga, Facebook has chosen to play it safe. In his latest post posted on Facebook on late Friday, Mark Zuckerberg has given more than enough hints that his company won’t take any action against Trump’s FB posts on Minneapolis violence. Zuckerberg’s stand on the issue has already started earning him and his company barrage of bad names from the critics. Critics, on the other hand, have lauded Twitter for taking bold stance against the U.S President.


Youtube responds to Minneapolis violence with $1 Mn donation

Police authorities have largely been blamed for Minneapolis violence, which has again brought the raging issue of racism at the forefront. In order to control discriminatory practices by police, Youtube has announced that it will donate $1 Mn to the Centre for Police Equity, which is a non-profit organization aimed at reforming and discouraging discriminatory practices in the police department. The step is likely to do lot of good for the PR and image of Youtube, since in the past it has faced constant criticism for promoting racist contents on its platform.


SpaceX takes NASA Astronauts to International space station; ushers a new era for spaceflight

 Almost 24 hours after lifting off from Florida, SpaceX successfully delivered and installed two NASA astronauts in International Space Station (ISS). The two NASA astronauts – Bob Behnken & Doug Harley – reached the ISS at approximately 1.25 P.M EDT. With SpaceX now becoming one of the first private space companies to launch astronauts into orbit & delivering it to ISS, the success of this operation has undeniably ushered a new era for spaceflight.


Zoom planning to launch strong encryption for paying customers  

Plagued by privacy concerns, Zoom is planning to roll out strong encryption for its paying customers, the company official said on Friday. However, Zoom’s free customers have been left out from the plan and they will most likely not enjoy strong encryption.


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