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Microsoft dumps TikTok to buy Bethesda for whopping $7.5 Bn – Top Trending news

Here are the top trending and latest news from the world of technology. 

Microsoft dumps TikTok to buy Bethesda for whopping $7.5 Bn

Did Microsoft dump TikTok to buy video game publishing giant Bethesda for whopping $7.5 Bn? In hindsight, this question will surely rankle the experts in the gaming industry after seeing how Microsoft openly lobbed hard to buy TikTok but clandestinely conducted a secretive operation to acquire Bethesda. Bethesda’s acquisition is no small event given that this is one the biggest acquisition in Microsoft’s history. But will the $7.5 Bn deal help Microsoft’s Xbox to decisively consolidate its position in the gaming industry. This question, we’re afraid, falls in the classic phrase that ‘only time will tell.’


Oracle claims no ownership stake for ByteDance in TikTok Global

Putting rumors to rest that TikTok’s parent Chinese company ByteDance will have ownership stake in newly formed TikTok Global, Oracle has said that this will not be the case. Oracle said on Monday that Oracle and Walmart will jointly have controlling stake in the newly created entity that will be known as TikTok Global.  U.S President Donald Trump has also said that his official approval to this high profile deal will depend on whether the controlling stake remains with the American company.


Facebook threatens to quit Europe if regulators don’t budge

Image Source: Flickr

It seems Facebook is running out of patience in the wake of relentless pressure from European regulators over data privacy issues. The social networking giant has said in its filing in Dublin court that it may very well have to quit Europe if regulators don’t allow it to operate freely.   Facebook and Instagram collectively have nearly $400 Mn users across Europe. The latest contentious issue is the preliminary order that seeks to stop Facebook from transferring the data of European users to its U.S. servers.


Are Zoom and Twitter’s algorithms racially biased?  

Zoom and Twitter’s visual algorithms are facing serious allegations for being racially biased. This issue cropped up after when someone observed that Zoom repeatedly removed the head of people  with darker skin pigmentation while using virtual background.  However, Zoom did not make same move for people having lighter skin pigmentation.



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