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Microsoft could unveil its AI chip in next month’s Ignite Conference

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Microsoft could unveil its AI chip in next month’s Ignite Conference

According to report by The Information, Microsoft is all set to unveil its first-ever AI chip at its annual developers’ conference next month. This will help the company to reduce its dependence on Nvidia’s AI chips that currently powers all its AI applications including OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Nvidia has been struggling to supply AI chips to big tech companies as demand for them has increased incredibly over the last one year. Microsoft’s AI chip has been codenamed as Athena. Only time will determine how efficient Microsoft’s chip will turn out to be but it certainly signifies company’s serious commitment towards artificial intelligence technology. By the way, company’s ‘Ignite Conference’ is scheduled to take from November 14-17. Recently there has been reports that OpenAI is also exploring the possibility of making its own AI chips.


Google updates Vertex AI Search to help healthcare professionals

Sundar Pichai
Image Credits: Flickr Matin Guptil

Google Cloud on Monday announced an important update for Vertex AI search that will help doctors and healthcare professionals in finding accurate clinical information from several source points like clinical notes, scanned documents, and electronic health records (EHRs). It can also help pharmacist to find information about the drug interactions for a patient’s medications. Additionally, it can help medical researchers to find all of the published research on a particular topic. This feature is still in beta testing. However, if this feature is anywhere near as efficient as Google Cloud claims it to be then help healthcare workers to save time and improve patient care by making it easier for them to access the information they need.


ChatGPT’s Mobile app clocked record $4.58M Revenue last month ‘But’….


ChatGPT’s mobile app hit record revenue of $4.58 million in September 2023. This is according to a report by TechCrunch, which cited data from market intelligence firm Appfigures. However, the same report claims that ChatGPT app’s revenue growth rate in September slowed down as compared to preceding months of July and August. It claimed that the revenue growth rate remained as high as 39% in August and 31% in July while the growth slowed to merely 20% in September. This could very well signify that the ChatGPT app has reached a saturation point in terms of paid subscribers. There is also possibility that ChatGPT app’s revenue rate is declining because of increasing competition from other AI chatbots.


Instagram Threads may soon roll out Trending Topic Feature

Instagram Threads is currently beta testing trending ‘topic feature’ that will help users to find hot and diversified trending topics on Threads. This was revealed in a screenshot posted accidentally by a Threads employee over the weekend, which showed a numbered list of trending topics as well as how many “threads” were actively discussing each item. However, it is still not known how similar and different will be Threads’ Trending Topic’ feature as compared to X. X, formerly known as Twitter, gets tones of traffic because of its trending topics. Something that Threads app will be hoping for the same. It is still unclear when the Trending Topics feature will be launched. Once it is launched, it will be interesting to see how it is received by users and how it impacts the popularity of Threads.          


 Over 17,000 WordPress websites got hacked last month

WP Engine

According to a report by Wordfence, nearly 17,000 WordPress sites were hacked in Balada Injector attacks last month. The Balada Injector is a malicious script that is injected into WordPress sites mostly via WordPress themes and plugins. It is then used to redirect users to malicious websites or to serve malware. The Wordfence report also found that the Balada Injector attacks were targeting a wide range of WordPress sites, including small businesses, personal blogs, and large corporate websites. In order to protect their WordPress website against Balada Injector or other malwares, owners are requested to take several safety protocols. For instance, they should keep WordPress themes and plugins completely up to date or Use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication.


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