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Microsoft and OpenAI claim that hackers are using ChatGPT for Cyberattacks

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Microsoft and OpenAI claim that hackers are using ChatGPT for Cyberattacks

Microsoft and OpenAI have made a sensational claim that hackers from several countries are using ChatGPT for cyberattacks. These countries mainly include Russia, North Korea, Iran and China. Microsoft and OpenAI claimed in their research paper that hackers from these countries are using ChatGPT for conducting research into targets, to improve scripts, and to help build social engineering techniques. The research paper also identified several hacking groups. One such hacking group happens to be Strontium group, which has links to Russian military intelligence and were believed to be active during Russia – Ukraine war. Over all, the use of AI chatbots like ChatGPT in mounting cyberattack is a new trend and security experts will have to take note of this trend.


Mark Zuckerberg gives his verdict on Apple Vision Pro (here’s what he had to say)

In a rather surprising move, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg took directly to Instagram to compare his company’s newly launched VR headset Quest 3 with Apple’s very own Vision Pro headset. And as was expected, Zuckerberg praised Quest 3 and called it a far better headset than Vision Pro. He praised Quest 3’s lighter weight and wider field of view while also emphasizing on the flexibility of both physical hand controllers and hand tracking feature offered by the headset. Besides, he said that Vision Pro’s $3,499 price tag was way too expensive and Quest 3 offered more features and value at a much less price. It will be interesting to see whether Zuckerberg’s video will really help in in bolstering the sale of Quest 3.


Fueled by AI frenzy, Nvidia surpasses Google in market cap

Chip maker Nvidia achieved a major milestone on Wednesday after its market capitalization surpassed Google’s parent company Alphabet. This has made Nvidia now the third most valuable company after Apple and Microsoft. The chip maker’s stock closed at $739.00 per shar on Nasdaq, giving it a market value of $1.83 trillion as compared to Google’s $1.82 trillion market cap. It will be interesting to see if going forward Nvidia’s stock is able to maintain this momentum and consolidate its market share. Thanks to the AI boom, the company has seen a huge bump in its chip sales, making it the darling of the investors who are more than willing to bet on the chip giant.


Walmart wants to Challenge Amazon in Smart TV Space

There is a huge speculation across the media that the retail giant Walmart wants to buy budget TV maker Vizio for nearly $2 Bn. If the deal goes through then Walmart will become a direct competitor with Amazon and Roku, who currently dominate the budget TV space. Besides, the retail giant will get access to all the invaluable customer data collected by Vizio’s smart TV platform throughout the years. This will open up a new revenue stream in the form of personalized ads for Walmart. However, there is no surety that this deal will go through or not. That said, Walmart is known for aggressive acquisitions and acquiring Vizio is still very much a possibility.


X is allowing Terrorist groups like Hezbollah to use its paid services

In a shocking news, a leading watchdog organization the Tech Transparency Project has claimed in its report that terrorist groups including Hezbollah and Houthi groups have verified accounts with X. Having a verified account means that the terrorist organizations not only enjoy additional features but also enjoy greater online visibility on the X platform. Verification on X usually involves a review process and it is still not clear how did these organizations pass this process. However, X has so far not commented on this news report and, therefore, it cannot be said with surety that whether this report is true or not. However, if this report is indeed true then it raises the questions over X’s review process.

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