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Microsoft and Nvidia claim to have created the most powerful AI language – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…


Microsoft and Nvidia claim that they have created the most capable AI powered language model

AI startup Racetrack raises $5 million.

Microsoft and Nvidia have claimed that they have trained and created what they tout as the most capable AI powered language model to date. This language is officially known as Megatron-Turing Natural Language Generation (MT-NLP). Both companies are claiming that MT-NLP, containing 530 Bn parameters, achieves unmatched accuracy in a broad set of natural language tasks. This includes reading comprehension, commonsense reasoning and natural language reference (Click here).


America has already lost AI fight to China, claims Pentagon Software Chief


Nicolas Challan has said to the media that he recently resigned as Pentagon Software Chief because he could not remain a silent spectator to America’s meek surrender to China in the AI battle. In fact, Challan claimed that China has already won the AI battle and equally strengthened their domination in the upcoming technologies like cybersecurity. This has potentially put China in unassailable to surmount a global domination (Click here)    


Facebook & whistleblower Frances Haugen to have a show off in the coming weeks


Sparks are likely to fly off when Facebook’s oversight board will meet up with its former employee Frances Haugen. This meet up is scheduled in the coming weeks but the exact date of this meeting has not been confirmed yet. It is now an open secret that Haugen was one who leaked the confidential documents to the Wall Street Journal that has literally put Facebook on docks (Click here)


Amazon’s team leaders will now take a call on ‘work from home’ decision

Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy has said that company’s induvial team leaders will now decide whether their team members should work from home or return to the office. This implies that Amazon will now not put any unanimous pressure on all employees to return to the office. The company had earlier announced ‘three day office’ policy (Click here).    


Struggling AR startup Magic Leap manages to raise $500 Mn

Ajnalens raises $1.5 Mn in pre-Series A Round led by MDAVF.

EmbattledAR startup Magic Leap has somehow managed to raise $500 Mn. The company said that it will use the fund infusion to create another AR headset. Once one of the most funded startup in the AR space,  Magic Leap has been struggling to sustain itself on the back of poor response to its products. Due to weak financial position, it had to lay off nearly 1,000 employees in 2020 (Click here).

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