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Privacy Campaigners Accuse Microsoft of Workplace Surveillance – Top Trending News

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Privacy Campaigners Accuse Microsoft of Workplace Surveillance

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Microsoft’s work productivity tool Microsoft 365 is facing flaks for enabling a feature that allows workplace surveillance. Privacy campaigners have accused that Microsoft 365’s newly introduced feature ‘productivity score’ allows managers to track employees at an individual level. This new feature, reportedly introduced for the first time in 2019, helps in aggregating critical information about employees for improving work productivity. This includes information like email usage, participation in group chat, network connectivity so and so forth. However, privacy campaigners are arguing that these very same features are allowing managers to snoop way too much into employees’ professional life. To know more click here.


Following request from Apple, Foxconn may shift Ipad & Macbook’s manufacturing base to Vietnam

Taiwanese manufacture Foxconn is soon likely to act on Apple’s request to transfer the manufacturing base of some Ipad & Macbook from China to Vietnam. According to media reports, the Vietnamese manufacturing base may soon start operating from somewhere in 2021. With Foxconn being Apple’s largest manufacturing partner, most of Apple’s products are largely manufactured in China and Taiwan. But increasing tariff and import restriction has compelled Apple to diversify its manufacturing base. Notably, Foxconn already manufactures Iphone 11 devices in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu.


U.K is planning to create a Regulatory body to Control Big Tech’s Monopoly

Great Britain is all set to create a new agency to control big tech companies like Facebook and Google’s monopolistic practices. This new body will be known as Digital Markets Unit (DMU) and will be very much part of the existing ant-trust body Competition and Market Authority. Apart from controlling monopolistic practices and giving more level playing field to small tech companies, DMU will also help consumers in getting more control over their data.


Alibaba is eyeing a chunk in China’s fast growing EV market

China’s electric vehicle market is seriously booming. This sign is evident from the fact that traditional tech giants Chinese like Alibaba and Huawei are vying for a pie in the booming market. last week, Chinese auto giant SAIC Motor’s unveiled its new EV arm called Zhiji, in which Alibaba is a minority stakeholder. To know more click here.

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