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Metaverse Real Estate Mogul is planning to host First ever Fashion Show in Metaverse

If the name Andrew Kiguel doesn’t ring bells in ears then you can’t really be blamed for it. But if you claim to be one of the adherent followers of Metaverse then you might well have heard Andrew Kiguel’s name, at least, in the passing reference. Kiguel, who is’s CEO and co-founder, made quite a buzz in November last year after his company paid more than $2 Mn for buying a real state space in Decentraland, one of the most popular Metaverse platforms in the world. had struck this high profile real-estate deal through its subsidiary company Metaverse Group.

Now Kiguel is planning to make the next big move as his company prepares to host a three day fashion show in the Decentraland. This will be probably among the first ever fashion show to be held in Metaverse. But what really makes this fashion show even more high profile is the fact that some of the big fashion brands are all set to participate in this three day fashion show event. This includes the likes of Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, Etro and Jacob & co.

An image from Metaverse platform Decentraland

According to reports, the after party event will be sponsored by Mercedes Benz.

This first of its kind fashion show to be held in the virtual world will be held from 24th March to 27th March. This virtual fashion show event will be very much similar to the physical fashion show held in the real life. There will be avatar models walking through the ramps, pop up shops, after parties and many other things.

“Fashion is a key driver of interest in the Metaverse and we are pleased to have such high caliber of brands in the first ever Metaverse Fashion Week. The event provides brands the opportunity to showcase NFTs and Virtual Products while expanding their consumer reach to a new demographic,” Andrew Kiguel,’s CEO & co-founder, said.

Kiguel also took to his Twitter account to announce about this upcoming event in Metaverse.

Metaverse has become a buzz word ever since Facebook rebranded its parent name brand name to Meta, indicating that it will become a full-fledge Metaverse company in the coming years. Other big tech companies like Microsoft are also planning to invest billions of dollars to build Metaverse infrastructure.


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