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Meta to Drop news Content from Facebook and Instagram in Canada  

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Meta to drop news content from Facebook and Instagram in Canada  

Meta announced on Thursday that it will be dropping news content from Facebook and Instagram in Canada. This is in response to the Online News Act, which was passed by the Canadian Parliament on June 21. The bill mandates tech giants like Meta to pay Canadian news publishers for sharing their content on their social media platform. Meta has said that it is “deeply disappointed” by the passage of this bill. Even search giant Google has strongly criticized the bill, calling it unfair. The Online News Act is the first of its kind in the world and could encourage other countries to pass a similar bill.


TikTok COO quits amid Regulatory Challenges


TikTok COO Vanessa Pappas has announced that she is stepping down from the organization. Pappas, who joined the Chinese short video company five year ago, said she was leaving TikTok “to pursue new opportunities. Pappas’ resignation comes at a time of great uncertainty for TikTok. The company is facing increasing scrutiny from governments around the world over its data privacy practices and its ties with Chinese government. Additionally, TikTok has been struggling to grow its user base in the critical markets including the United States. Considering the enormous challenges TikTok currently faces, It will be interesting to see who TikTok appoints as Pappas’ replacement.


Amazon Cloud is Investing $100 million in Generative A.I. Center

Amazon Cloud unit AWS announced on Thursday that it is investing $100 million in a new program called AWS Generative AI Innovation Center. AWS said that the center will help customers to build, scale, and deploy generative AI solutions. The company will achieve this by connecting its data scientists, strategists, engineers and solution architects with customers and partners. Amazon said that it is confident that this program will have a major impact on several key industries. AWS latest announcement isn’t surprising as its competitors like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure have already invested billions of dollars in generative AI.


YouTube is Testing a new AI-Powered Dubbing Feature

According to media reports, YouTube is testing a new AI-powered dubbing feature that will allow creators to automatically dub their videos into their desired languages. This feature works by first transcribing the audio of the original video, following which the AI uses a translation model to translate the transcript into the desired language. The AI-powered dubbing feature is still under development but if successful it has the potential to make YouTube more accessible to a wider audience. It can help YouTube creators to reach a global audience and eventually help the Google owned streaming platform to earn more revenue.


U.S. is witnessing boom in Generative AI jobs

Artificial technology

According to data from job portal Indeed, generative AI-related job postings is seeing a massive rise across the United States. The data claimed that generative AI-related job postings saw 20% rise in May. The May figure, which stood at 204 per million job postings, is also more than the double as compared to 2021. Data scientist, Software engineer, Machine learning engineer and Data engineer are some of the generative AI jobs that is seeing great boom, according to Indeed data. With more and more American companies looking to automate their services to create creative content, the massive rise in generative AI jobs is not surprising.

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