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Meta no longer among world’s top 10 valuable companies – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Meta no longer among world’s top 10 valuable companies

Hammered by unprecedented value in its stock value, Meta Inc has officially dropped out of world’s top 10 most valuable companies, according to Bloomberg.  Valued over $1 trillion barely a few month ago, today Meta’s value has been reduced to $565 Bn. As per Bloomberg, the Mark Zuckerberg led company is placed at 11th position, one place behind Chinese internet giant Tencent. Meta’s market value erosion has been apparently caused by relentless regulatory crackdown and whistleblower scam that got exposed few months back  (Read more)


Baidu’s Robotaxi expands services in China

Chinese tech giant Baidu has launched its self-driving taxi service in one of China’s most densely populated cities – Shenzhen. According to reports, the company has set up 50 pick up and drop stations in the Shenzhen cities. Shenzhen is the first densely city of China where Baidu will be rolling out its self-driving services. Shenzhen people can hire Baidu’s self-driving taxi service through its mobile app Apollo Go. Last year, Baidu’s Robotaxi had robotaxi services in six other cities including Beijing, Shanghai & Guangzhou (Read more)


Salesforce Employees are reportedly miffed over company’s NFT plans

Salesforce Employees aren’t too happy about company’s plan to foray into NFT cloud service. According to reports, nearly 400 employees have signed a letter that unanimously called the company to abandon its plan to foray into NFT business. In the letter, Salesforce employees have reportedly described NFTs as unregulated and speculative financial assets (Read more)


Tesla forced to Change its South Korean ads (here’s why)

Tesla Wants to Enter Indian car market.

Tesla has been forced to change the content in Tesla’s South Korean website featuring the information about Model 3. Elon Musk’s company was forced to take this step after South Korea’s anti-trust regulatory body accused that it made exaggerated claims about Model 3’s battery specifications (Read more)


Scientists claims that they have Trained AI to Control a Nuclear Fusion Reactor

self-driving taxi service The company has said that it has found a real world application for its AI software that can control and sculpt a superheated plasma inside a nuclear fusion reactor. DeepMind made this revolutionary claim in the Journal Nature. If DeepMind’s claim proves to be true then it can fundamentally open many up many possibilities. For all those who don’t know, nuclear fusion is an important energy that powers all the stars in the universe and also the destructive nuclear bomb (Read more)

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