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Meta launches Quest 3 at $499 as competition with Apple looms

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on


Meta launches Quest 3 at $499 as competition with Apple looms

Meta has rolled out a new mixed reality headset called Quest 3. Priced at $499, Meta claims that this headset is the world’s first mass-market mixed reality headset. It is available for pre-order in the U.S. market and will be officially available in the market from October 10. Quest 3 is actually improved version of its predecessor Quest 2 and comes with many upgraded features. This includes 30% higher resolution than the Quest 2 and double processing power than its predecessor. It also comes with new lenses that reduce the glare and improves image quality as well as thinner and lighter design than the Quest 2. Overall, the VR and mixed reality headset market is heating up especially with the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset. Apple Vision Pro headset, which is priced at whopping $3,499, will be available for sale in early 2024.


New AI powered creator tools coming to Facebook & Instagram

At its annual Connect event on Wednesday, Meta announced that it is bringing slew of AI powered creator tools to Facebook and Instagram. These tools will help creators to produce more engaging and creative content in less amount of time. These features include AI image editing, AI-generated chat stickers, AI-powered video editing and AI-powered translation. With these tools, creators can instantly edit images, create custom chat stickers, edit their videos more quickly and easily translate their content into multiple languages with the click of a button. However, all these AI powered features are still in beta testing phase and will probably take months before it is officially launched on Facebook and Instagram.


ChatGPT Users can now Browse Internet with Bing search engine

OpenAI announced on Wednesday that ChatGPT users can now browse the internet using Bing Search. This is a significant update for ChatGPT as until now it secured information only from its training data set. However, with internet browsing feature, it can now provide more real-time and accurate information on wide range of topics. However, the web browsing feature is currently available only to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users. But OpenAI has assured that it plans to make this feature available to all ChatGPT users including the free users in the near future. This feature, by the way, can also help Bing search engine in improving its overall traffic.


Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming to Meta Quest 3

At its annual Meta Connect Event, Meta announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be coming to Quest 3 headset, the mixed reality headset that was launched at the same event barely few hours back. Xbox Cloud Gaming will be arriving to Quest 3 headset in December this year, allowing Quest 3 users to play hundreds of games including the recently released Starfield. All thanks to cloud, Xbox games can now be easily accessed outside of Xbox console and from any devices including iPhones and Macs. Additionally, cloud also allows Xbox users to enjoy their games from any location or any place.


Mistral AI Unveils Its First Generative AI Model (and it is absolutely free)

Mistral AI, the French AI startup that raised significant amount of seed funding earlier this year, has just released its first generative AI model called Mistral 7B. Mistral 7B is a small model with 7 billion parameters. More importantly, this large language model will be freely available to everyone. This means that small time developers as well as big companies can use Mistral 7B for making exciting AI products and services. This may inculde creating personalized learning tools, developing new diagnostic tools for diseases or writing new stories and scripts. The Mistral 7B model is available for download by various means including 13.4-gigabyte torrent. The French firm has also started a GitHub repository and Discord channel for collaboration and troubleshooting.

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