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Meta launches new AI tool ‘Audiobox’ with Voice Cloning feature

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Meta launches new AI tool ‘Audiobox’ with voice cloning feature

Meta has launched yet another new AI tool called ‘Audiobox.’ Meta claims that this new AI tool is capable of cloning voices and generating ambient soundscapes. According to Meta, Audiobox can accurately replicate a person’s voice, including their pitch, timbre, rhythm, and unique pronunciations while creating immersive and dynamic soundscapes, tailoring them to specific environments or moods. While this seems to be yet another great AI tool coming from Meta’s closet, the potential misuse of voice cloning especially deepfake videos cannot be overlooked. This tool, by the way, is still in testing phase and will at least take few months before it is properly launched for public use.


In a first, Microsoft agrees to use ‘provisions on AI’ in Union Contract

Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images

In a landmark decision, Microsoft has agreed to language in a union contract governing its use of artificial intelligence (AI). This agreement, reached with the Communications Workers of America (CWA), marks the first time a US tech company has included provisions on AI in a collective bargaining agreement. Among other things, the provision outlines fairness and non-discrimination of its AI system and also transparency on how its AI system works. Many experts have hailed these provisions as it gives voice to workers in how the AI system is used and its implications in the workplace.


iOS 17.2 update is finally here with Journal App & many other features

Apple officially released iOS 17.2 update on Monday, bringing with it plethora of new features on iPhones and iPads. The long-awaited feature the ‘Journal App’ is finally here. It offers a dedicated space for users to record their personal experiences, thoughts, and ideas. Other notable feature includes ‘Action Button Translate’ and ‘Safari Technology Preview.’  The former allows iPhone 15 Pro users to instantly translate during conversations while the latter allows to discover new features & improvements to Safari before they are officially released to the public. Live Wallpapers, which was removed from previous versions of IOS, is making a comeback.


Bepper Mini app is back (But there is a catch)

The pursuit to bring iMessage to Android devices is turning out to be an epic battle as Bepper Mini on Monday resumed its iMessage services barely hours after Apple fixed technical loophole, thereby cutting Bepper Mini’s access to iMessage. However, there is a caveat if you want to restore iMessage functionality. Bepper Mini won’t allow you to register with phone number, instead you’ll have to use Apple ID. The company has also assured that its service will remain free but clearly stated that a fixed subscription price will be charged once its service stabilizes. Apple so far hasn’t commented on the latest development. But the debate over Apple’s stubbornness to remain a close system is unlikely to fizzle down anytime soon.

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