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Meta is building a AI Supercomputer to power Metaverse – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Facebook’s parent company Meta unveiled a new AI super computer

Facebook’s parent company Meta on Monday unveiled a new supercomputer based on AI and ML. This new supercomputer will be built by end of this year. Meta claims that after completion this supercomputer will be the world’s fastest supercomputer. The super-computer has been officially named as “AI Research SuperCluster” (RSC). Among other things, this supercomputer will be supposedly a catalyst in building the much hyped Metaverse. (Read more)


Panasonic will start mass production of Tesla EV battery in 2023

Panasonic is all set to mass produce lithium batteries for Tesla by 2023, according to Nikkei Asia. As per reports, these batteries will be five times more powerful than the energy capacity of the existing model. Panasonic declined to comment on Nikkei’s report. Even though Panasonic is mass producing these batteries for Tesla, the company might supply these batteries to other companies including Tesla (Read more)   


TikTok is reportedly working on new video avatars  

TikTok is currently working on host of new features for all its users. This includes Bitmoji like Avatars, keyword filtering for the for you, group chats, audio only live streams so and so forth. This news was leaked by social media analyst Matt Navarra. But the Techcrunch, which reported this leaked information, reported that this leaked news should be taken at the face value (Read more)


Instagram’s ‘Remix Videos’ are no longer exclusive to Reels


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Instagram announced on Monday that it is expanding the ‘Remix Video’ feature to all public videos. The photo sharing platform, which is owned by the company Meta, rolled out the ‘remix videos’ feature for its short video format ‘Reels.’ Instagram’s ‘Remix video’ is very much similar to TikTok’s Duet (Read More)


BMW Powered Flying Car wins air worthiness certification, takes step closer to mass production

The AirCar flying car, which is powered by BMW engine,  has received the air worthiness certification from Slovak Transport Authority. To secure the air worthiness certification, the flying car went through arduous 70 hours of testing. Following this milestone, the flying car has taken a step closer to mass production (Read more)           

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