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Meta Employees have lost Confidence in Mark Zuckerberg, internal survey reveals

Here is today’s top trending news from the world of technology. News that I feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Meta Employees have lost Confidence in Mark Zuckerberg, internal survey reveals

Image Credits: Flickr Prachatai

According to a recent survey carried by The Wall Street Journal, nearly 70% of Meta’s employees believe that Mark Zuckerberg is not a good boss while only 26% of Meta employees have shown confidence in Zuckerberg’s leadership. This is a sharp decline compared to the last year when 41% of employees said that they believed in Zuckerberg’s leadership. Several reasons could be attributed to this significant decline, from Zuckerberg’s too controlling behavior as a boss to Meta’s recent poor performance. Meta’s recent decision to lay off 10,000 employees could also be attributed for Zuckerberg’s poor rating.


Nigeria’s regulator orders Binance to halt Operation   

Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has ordered Binance Nigeria Limited to immediately stop all the operations in the country. Binance’s SEC said Binance Nigeria Limited is not registered or regulated by the commission, making its operations illegal. Binance, which is the world’s largest crypto exchange, had opened a local office in Nigeria in 2022. This is the latest in the series of regulatory setback against Binance, which is facing severe crackdown across the world including in the U.S. Binance has not yet commented on Nigeria’s decision.


Twitter Refuses to Pay Google Cloud Bills

According to a report by Platformer, Twitter has refused to pay its Google Cloud bills as its contract comes up for renewal this month. The report claims that Twitter has been trying to renegotiate its contract with Google but both companies have not been able to find a common ground. Twitter’s refusal to pay Google Cloud bills is the latest in a series of tension between the two companies. In January, Twitter accused Google of slowing down its search results. Google denied the accusation. It is not clear if Twitter is planning to move to a different cloud server.


Elon Musk has hired a new Engineer (He is just 14 Years Old)

Elon Musk’s space rocket company SpaceX has hired a new software engineer called ‘Kairan Quazi.’ The interesting thing about Quazi is that he is only 14 years old, making him youngest person ever to be hired by SpaceX. He is also the youngest person to graduate from Santa Clara University’s School of Engineering. In his academical career, he has won many awards and accolades. In a LinkedIn post, Quazi expressed his excitement about joining SpaceX. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has said that he is impressed by Quazi’s intelligence and drive. He believes that Quazi has the potential to make a significant contribution to SpaceX’s mission to make humanity a multi-planetary species.


Meta launches new AI platform MusicGen that Converts Text into Music

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has launched MusicGen, an open-source AI model that can generate new pieces of music from text input. Meta is releasing the model and code as open source for research and commercial use. To use MusicGen, users can provide a text prompt, such as “a happy song about love” or “a sad song about loss.” The model will then generate a new piece of music based on the prompt. MusicGen is still in beta testing. Interested people can check the demo of MusicGen on Huggingface’s website.

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