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Meta and Microsoft launch new AI model Llama 2   

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.   


Meta and Microsoft launch new AI model Llama 2   

Meta and Microsoft have jointly announced the launch of Llama 2, a new next-generation large language model (LLM) that will be freely available for research and commercial use. Llama 2 will supposedly offer more features than its predecessor Llama. Thanks to its larger dataset and more powerful training algorithms, it could be used for variety of purposes including generating text, translating languages, answering questions in an informative way and building chatbots. Llama 2 will be a completely open-source model, which would allow developers to customize as per their needs. Overall, Llama 2 could pave way for more innovative AI products & services.


TikTok launches passkey login for iOS devices

Popular video-sharing app TikTok has started rolling out passkey login for iOS devices. This means henceforth TikTok can login into their Apple devices by using biometric authentications instead of passwords. To use passkey login on TikTok, you need to have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16 version. You also need to have iCloud Keychain enabled. Passkeys are a new type of login and are considered more secure than the traditional password login. Since Passkeys compromises of cryptographic key pair, it is not easy to breach them and pose strong resistance to phishing attack.


Threads rolls out first big update since its launch

Meta has rolled out the first big update to Threads since its red-hot launch earlier this month. This update will bring new features for the IOS version of the app including a follows tab, translation button and dedicated tab to fix bugs. The follow tab, which is highly requested feature, will be located at the top of the activity feed and will allow users to see who is following them. These updates will be immediately available for IOS and is expected to be available for Android users in the coming weeks.


Microsoft will charge $30 per month for generative AI features


Microsoft has announced that it will charge hefty $30 per month for its AI powered features, which until now were available as ‘free preview features’ in Microsoft 365. These paid AI features also include Copilot, which can help users write code, write text, and answer questions. Microsoft shares touched record high after the announcement of this news. Meanwhile, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has defended the pricing, which has been termed too expensive by many people. Nadella said that AI is a generational shift in technology and paying the $30 price would be worth it.


Google Meet now allow users to create backgrounds by using AI Feature   

how to share screen on google meet  

Google Meet has announced that its users can create and change backgrounds using a new AI feature, which would allow users to create custom backgrounds that are more realistic and immersive. The AI background feature is currently only available in the web version of Google Meet. To create background using AI, users have to simply click on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the video preview then select background effects and choose the AI background option.

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