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Meet Kyra – India s first-ever virtual influencer

Here are the top trending and juicy news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Meet Kyra – India s first-ever virtual influencer

India has got a new social media influencer but she is not a human. She is actually a virtual avatar and her name is Kyra. Kyra, who now has millions of Instagram followers, is officially India’s first ever virtual influencer. She is only 21 years old and performs almost all normal human activities – from lounging at the beach, doing a photo shoot, doing Yoga to checking out popular tourist destinations. The company that has created this virtual influencer is TopSocial India, which is a popular social influencer marketing company. If you still haven’t met Kyra then do log into your Instagram account and check her out.


Nitin Gadkari says Elon Musk should rethink over ‘Make in India’ Tesla cars

India will ban self-drive cars

Nitin Gadkari has once again reached out to Tesla CEO Elon Musk for setting up a manufacturing plant in India. The Transportation and Highway minister said that Musk should stop being rigid about his stand. As per this stand, Tesla won’t make cars in India until it is allowed to sell the cars in India. He said that India can easily help Tesla in making affordable EV cars. But he sternly added that the Indian government won’t allow Tesla to sell ‘made in China’ cars in India. By the way, going by the media reports, the chances of Musk softening his stand is almost zero. And this means by all possibility India will never have a ‘made in India’ Tesla cars.


Apple will soon have its ‘search engine’ to take on Google

Image Credits: Flickr Abdulkarim Sarmini

In 2023, ‘Google Search’ may see the rise of a serious competitor and this competitor is none other than Apple. According to reports, Apple is currently working on its indigenous search engine and will make an official announcement about the same in its next year’s annual conference. This search engine will become a default search engine in all Apple devices including iPhones and iPads. But the question is will this be enough to challenge Google’s ruthless domination in the search engine market. Well, we’ll have to wait for a couple of years to know the answer. Most analysts believe that it won’t be an easy task for Apple to challenge Google in the search engine space.           


India’s unicorn party is all but over

Last year by the end of June India had seen as many as 50 unicorns. Flashforward to June 2022 and India has only seen 14-15 unicorns so far. This grim scenario has been confirmed by a report compiled by the startup analytics firm Tracxn. By the way, this makes it almost official that India may be done with the unicorn party. The ongoing ‘funding crunch’ in the startup industry has been considered as the primary reason for lack of unicorns this year. Some experts also claim that the debacle of many startup IPOs is equally responsible for dampening the investor sentiments. Remember the super-flop show by Paytm IPO.


Intel becomes the latest company to freeze hiring

Adding to the hiring woes, Intel has become the latest big tech company that has decided to go slow on hiring. According to Reuters, the chipmaker has already frozen fresh hirings in Desktop and laptop chip division.  However, it is still not clear whether Intel’s decision is restricted only to the U.S. market or the global market. Due to the ongoing slowdown in the global economy, many big tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Meta, Snap Inc have already gone slow in hiring fresh recruits.


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