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Auto giant Maruti Suzuki all set to challenge CarWale & CarDekho: Report

India’s online auto space is most likely to witness a huge disruption in coming months. This disruption is courtesy because of auto giant Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest auto company. Reports claim that the auto giant is in the middle of designing a website that will help potential buyers to compare prices of various car models.

Such a move by Maruti Suzuki would obviously mean that incumbent players CarWale and CarDekho have a serious competition to cope with.

Maruti Suzuki has so far not commented on the news report. Both CarWale and CarDekho, the two most dominant players in the online car aggregation space, have also not commented on the report.

Maruti _Suzuki
Maruti Suzuki all set to challenge CarWale & CarDekho: Report

Sources privy with matter said that the Maruti Suzuki’s management expects substantial sales lead through this new website. The company is well aware of the huge propensity among customers living in the semi-urban cities and towns to do extensive online research before heading towards car dealers. Most of these online research pertains to price and auto configuration research and then comparing with rival brands, sources added.

Sources also claimed that this new online platform will be more catered towards Maruti Suzuki’s dealers as they will be one of the main beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, several auto analysts claim that India’s largest auto company’s plan to foray into online auto aggregation space makes lot of sense. Their claim is based on the argument that the auto giant may have realized that it is losing a major chunk of online customers and hence the need to tap them to further grow its market share.

Today Maruti Suzuki sits cozy in the India auto market, with a whopping 51% market share. The company’s market capitalization stands at staggering $2 Trillion and is way ahead of all its rival in all the possible market metrics.


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