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Many Unhappy Apple fans are returning their Vision Pro Headset

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Many Unhappy Apple fans are returning their Vision Pro Headset

In a major cause of worry for Apple, there have been reports that some die hard fans of Apple have started returning the newly launched Vision Pro headset. They are reportedly not happy with Apple’s new product. Mosted of them have cited discomfort, with users complaining about headaches, eye strain, and the weight of the headset. Some have also complained about the limited content library as many popular apps and games are still missing in the Vision Pro. Apple has allowed 14 day return policy for Vision Pro. The tech giant is reportedly collecting feedback from all the returning customers to understand their concerns.


Reddit signs a multi-million Content deal with AI Company

According to Bloomberg, the popular social media platform Reddit has signed a $60 Mn dollar contract on an annualized basis with an unidentified AI company. This deal has come to light just before Reddit’s expected IPO later this year. This deal could be a model for future agreements between social media platforms and AI companies. However, this has sparked speculation about data privacy and how reddit is protecting user data in this deal. This deal also reflects the need for large amounts of data for AI companies. Over the last few months, Reddit has been making several changes in its content policy and API changes in order to bolster its revenue and make the company more attractive for investors.


Google releases Android 15 Developer Preview for Pixel devices


Google has just launched Android 15 Developer Preview for Pixel devices, marking the first step towards the next major update to the mobile operating system. The developer preview has been launched on Pixel 6 and all the later devices. Google is expected to launch Android 15 in the upcoming months. It is expected to bring several new features including security, performance, and camera enhancements. Some of these new features may include improved multitasking, notification customization, and deeper integration with smart home devices. Android 15 is also expected to focus on data privacy and is likely to give more control to users on their data.


Mark Zuckerberg blames Pandemic for recent Tech Layoffs

Image Credits: Flickr Prachatai

Meta’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has acknowledged the pandemic as a major contributing factor to recent tech layoffs, including those at his own company. Zuckerberg claimed that pandemic initially caused a surge in demand for digital services, leading to over-hiring across the tech industry. He further added that this growth in demand, however, didn’t sustain once the economy opened up.  Therefore, the tech companies had no choice but to resort to mass layoff. All the major big tech companies like Meta, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have till now laid thousands of employees as part of the cost-cutting.


OpenAI launches invitation-only community forum

There is good news for AI enthusiasts. OpenAI has just announced the launch of The OpenAI Forum, an online community that will focus on discussing, learning, and shaping the future of AI. However, this forum is currently invitation-only, which means you can’t be part of this forum unless your invitation is accepted. This forum will offer opportunities to learn from OpenAI researchers and engage in paid activities that will directly impact AI model development. Experts demonstrating expertise at the intersection of their field and AI can apply for the membership of this forum.

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