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Majority of Google Employees will work from home until 2021 – Top Trending News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology 


Majority of Google Employees will work from home until 2021

Image Credits: Flickr Omar Cafini

According to The Information, Google has extended the work from home policy for majority of its employees till end of this year. Previously, the tech giant had set June 1st as the deadline for terminating its work from policy. However, reports also claim that employees whose physical presence is mandatorily required in the office will be asked to join in either June or July. Experts have been increasingly saying that world will be a whole lot different in the post-pandemic era and Google’s latest decision is pointing towards the changed reality that the world will have to been soon accustomed to.


Dutch Government raises red flag over TikTok

Image Credit: Flickr Block Inspect

Till date several countries have raised red flag over TikTok’s adverse impact on children especially with regards to sexually lewd contents. Now Netherland has become the latest country to join this list. The Dutch watchdog announced on Friday that it will investigate how the popular video app uses the data of millions of children. Dutch Government was forced to make the decision as the Chinese app has become immensely famous among children during the ongoing pandemic crises.


Iran linked hackers target US based COVID-19 drugmaker

According to Reuters, Iranian linked hackers had recently targeted staff of Gilead Sciences, which is one of the many US pharmaceutical companies that is in race to prepare vaccine for coronavirus. Sources claim that the hacking attempt was made in April through a fake e-mail login page. However, Reuters couldn’t ascertain whether Iranian hackers were successful in this mission. Gilead authorities also declined to comment on the news report.


Apple to reopen stores in US but will open only handful of them

Image Credits: Flickr Tom Robinson

Apple retail stores are all set to reopen next week for the first time since pandemic lockdown began in US since mid-March. But this re-opening will happen at a much smaller scale, with only few selected stores in cities like Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska  likely to reopen. Moreover, Apple has said in a statement that it will follow a strict social distancing protocol in these stores and hence will put cap on the number of visitors allowed at a time.


Believe it or not, Elon Musk is actually cash poor

Elon Musk
Image Credits: Flickr OnInnovation

Elon Musk, whose stake in companies like Tesla is worth millions of dollars, actually never has much cash in his hand. This is according to a recent story published in the Wall Street Journal. The story claims that Tesla’s founder and CEO is so cash poor that he has to even borrow money to pay for his lifestyle and investment.



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