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How Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of Education Industry

Mr. Sankalp Sunder, CEO Coding Blocks, has written this special guest post article. Coding Blocks is a premier institution that has till date successfully trained over 10k students in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. It is a teaching partner at Shiv Nadar University and Lovely Professional University and has placed students in renowned companies like Google, Citibank and Microsoft.     

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence are paving way for sweeping changes in education industry

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the hot assets of technology that are going to become the driving force of the digital world in the coming time. We know that humans have the tendency to perceive things & retain them in their memory. A machine follows the command given by humans. Therefore, Machine Learning includes training of the machine to analyze the data & leading to a prediction or probability of an event to happen. ML is the subset of AI that is continuously learning & processing from different types of human experiences. More data helps the machine to build better logic with a higher accuracy rate.

EdTech Industry is a significant sector when it comes to the discussion of the future. The onset of ed-tech along with the employment of ML and AI has gradually led to the widespread acceptance of the coaching industry. Below we will be discusing about how arrival of ML and AI is tending to transform the face of education technology.

  • Organized and Personalized Approach to Learning

The utilization of ML and AI has helped in processing a more efficient and time-saving method for teachers to adopt a smooth sailing of guidance. This has served for a better understanding of students and has surpassed the requirement of human intelligence. Many ed-tech firms have begun to deploy digital programs to enhance the student experience as the use of AI in ed-tech helps in catering to the individual needs of students. It assists the students in the identification of their progress on different topics and maintains feedback from them.

  • 24*7 Access to Mentor-Support and Doubt Resolution

AI has helped to improve the knowledge that is being imparted to the students by processing all the data, including their progress of various concepts and where do they fall weak. Data Science is the field that has been serving to uplift the skillsets by monitoring the study progress and optimizing their mistakes to help them improve by providing easy access to their learning reports.

Likewise, Coding blocks has been efficient in implementing AI and ML to revolutionize the face of Ed-tech. It has intensively used these cutting edge technologies to personalize education for its students. This personalized education induced by AI and ML helps has helped our students to substantially improve their performance.

For instance, if a student faces challenges while practicing a concept of programming on our online platform, the platform would directly insist on him/her to dive into the particular concept again. Therefore, with the advancement in technology, the education industry is also on a rising advancement. This has further assisted Coding Blocks to refine the education system and push personalized content to students to learn at their own pace making them successful in their goals.

  • Detecting and judging student’s emotional intelligence

In the long run, AI and ML are expected to play a major role in providing detailed analysis of student’s emotional quotient or their emotional state of mind. This detailed analysis of student’s inner emotions is expected to have a positive impact on student’s overall learning and also help educational institutes to prepare a student friendly syllabus.

  • Tracking the right career path

AI and ML can help in resolving students’ dilemma and predicament on choosing right career path.  Most often wrong decision on this critical front has ended damaging the careers of millions of promising students. However, in future AI and ML can spare students this regretful pain of inflicting self-imposed damage on their careers. Both these technologies boost outstanding data mining capabilities that invariably give deep insight in students’ likes/dislikes and their long term goals.

Many educational apps have already started leveraging these data mining capabilities to offer career advisory services to their end users. Without a doubt, the use of data mining in the career advisory space will increase phenomenally in the coming years, substantiating the growing role AI and ML in the education space.

Students at Coding Blocks coaching center.

Future Prospects of learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) 

Statistical research reveals that in 2019, 40% of digital transformation will include AI services and 75% of all business applications will incorporate some type of AI by 2022.

This substantially proves that organizations are on a power mode to launch various models of machine learning to enhance data-driven businesses. Therefore, there is a large pool of career scopes if one has adequate skill sets in these areas.

Machine Learning Engineer- Having the right amount of skills in Machine Learning for designing and executing algorithms in the optimization process comes under the cutting-edge profession nowadays.

Data Scientist- In this tech-era, Data Scientists are breaking new ground in the digital world. This has led to an increase in demand for this profession as most of the organizations have become dependent on the abundance of data and processing the monitoring of that data.

Data Analyst- With the rise in the penetration of the Internet, firms have commenced incorporating more data-driven models. For organizing and maintaining this data, firms need more professionals to process out the analysis of the huge amount of data in the form of exhaustive reports.

Data Architect- A data architect’s job is to practice data architecture, which includes designing, creating, deploying and managing an organization’s data architecture.

Coding Blocks believes in reforming the face of the education industry by incorporating various ML models. With our vast experience in the technology and education domain, it ensures that each aspect that has helped the students to develop skills and advance towards their success is applied in these models. It provides comprehensive and advanced-level courses on Machine Learning and Data Science to enhance the user experience. The consumption of their content assures the students/users to master their skills in order to grow and become successful in this digital era.


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