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Look Digital Signage: Managing Digital Signage was never this easier

Over the years digital signages have become an important part of any company’s branding profile. Big MNCs or small-to-medium size companies, today all companies cutting across the corporate world have openly embraced the digital signage to effectively communicate with their customers and to maintain their brand profile. With the surge and the demand for digital signage showing no sign of abating, corporates have often felt the need for software that helps them to manage their signage in a more effective way. They want software that helps them seamlessly leverage the several benefits and advantages offered by digital signage.

It seems that a small company based in Hungary – Look Digital – has paid heed to their prayers by designing software that may very well exceed their expectations. Look Digital’s software has all the features that will help companies to manage their digital signage in a simpler way. Moreover, they can even manage their digital signage even remotely, straight from their homes as well as far off neighborhoods.

How does this software work

There are two simple ways through which this software can be operated, one is via Look android app and the second is through an HDMI player. Both these methods are highly intuitive and offer digital signage solution that is high quality, immersive, and the one that will have a positive impact on your target customers.

Look Android app: This highly dedicated application can run on any android based devices that operate on Android 4.4 or higher version. Download this app and it will transform the screen of your android devices – Andriod TV, Tablet, mini-computer – into digital signage in no time at all.

HDMI Player: This plug & play HDMI player offers digital signage in 4K resolution that will depict your brand images and pictures in superior & high definition quality. Buying this player may cost you bucks but is surely worth the investment.


This software’s intuitive and unwavering efficiency certainly comes from its array and multitude of high performing features:


You can create a playlist and change the playlist with just 2 or 3 clicks. You don’t need any training to operate Look’s digital signage software. Operating this software is almost like a child’s play. Even people with low knowledge about tech can operate this software easily.

Just plug & play

You don’t need a server or any extension to play this intuitive software instantly. Once you download the app or plug the HDMI player, the only thing to be done is to choose your preferred plan by signing into Look’s web-based Content Manager Program. This is all you got to do to start this software.

High trustworthy and reliable

This software is designed in such a way that it can remain immune to negative external factors. Even in the case of a sudden power outage, the software will automatically resume its work after power resumption. Additionally, your last update will playback on the screens within an offline mode.

Dedicated online customer support 24/7

Look’s dedicated customer support via online chat is available 24/7. Any functional problem with the software or for any other queries, the company’s online chat support is always available.  Clients can access Look Software’s dedicated chat support by logging into their accounts.


Look Digital Signage is currently available in two price models: Pro and Custom. In the ‘Pro model’ customers will be charged $6 per screen. In the ‘Custom model’ customers can design their plans as per their customized needs. Look also offers a 14-day free trial service with limited features.


Look Digital Signage software has surely filled the void that for too long was plaguing the corporate world. The corporate world, especially SMEs and small businesses, were always in dire need of software that helps them in simplifying and streamlining the management of digital signages. And Look’s software with its multitude of high performing features has exactly done this.

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