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John McAfee, Anti-virus Software Pioneer, is dead – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology  


John McAfee, Anti-virus Software Pioneer, is dead


John McAfee, who is best known for launching the world’s first anti-virus software, has been officially declared dead. According to media reports, the self-styled entrepreneur committed suicide in the Barcelona jail. Although he singlehandedly pioneered the anti-virus software industry, his latter life has been marred by series of controversies. Apart from slew of controversies that included tax evasion and murder charges, he was also known for living a hedonistic lifestyle.


Elon Musk cautious about Starlink’s IPO

Media has been buzzing with theories that Starlink’s management wants to go for public listing. However, Musk has sounded a very cautious note about the same. Responding to Starlink’s IPO query on Twitter, Musk said that his internet space venture company won’t go for a public listing until turns cash positive.


Jeff Bezos probably won’t get an ‘insurance cover’ for his space odyssey

jeff bezos
Image Credits: Flickr Goodread Bio

In matter of few week or so, Jeff Bezos will become the world’s first billionaire and first non-astronaut to fly beyond the earth’s atmosphere. This ambitious journey comes with unimaginable risk. A reason why most insurance companies are increasingly hesitant to give any insurance cover to Bezos. Several media reports claim that insurance companies are finding the risk of giving insurance cover to Jeff Bezos’ space odyssey way too risky.


India’s richest man rolls out ‘affordable Android Phones’


Mukesh Ambani – India’s richest man – on Thursday announced the launch of affordable Android phone. Named as JioPhone Next,  this phone will come bundled with voice assistant and other useful Android feature. It must be noted that last year Google had announced $10 Bn investment in Jio.


Visa to shell out ‘$2.1 Bn’ to acquire ‘Swedish Startup’

Visa on Thursday announced that it has agreed to shell out whopping $2.1 Bn to acquire Swedish fintech startup Tink. Tink operates in the niche area of ‘Open Banking’ and will supposedly help Visa in its digitization drive.


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