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Jack Dorsey has stepped down from Bluesky Board

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Jack Dorsey has stepped down from Bluesky Board

Jack Dorsey at an event
Image Credits: Flickr Jessica Lovely

Jack Dorsey has departed from the board of Bluesky, the decentralized social media platform he co-founded. The news came to light when Dorsey himself responded to a question on ‘X,’ stating that he is no longer on the board. Neither Dorsey nor Bluesky has publicly disclosed the reasons for his departure. However, it was known that Dorsey had become less involved with Bluesky in recent months. He had deleted his Bluesky account and Bluesky CEO Jay Graber had mentioned minimal recent interaction with Dorsey. Bluesky is now searching for a new board member to fill the vacancy. They are probably looking for someone who aligns with their mission of creating a user-controlled social media experience.


X rolls out ‘Stories,’ bringing news summarized by Grok AI

X has just launched a new feature called ‘Stories.’ Stories will use Grok AI, an AI technology developed by Elon Musk’s company xAI, to summarize trending topics on the platform. By summarizing trending topics, Grok AI will bring latest news in condensed and short format. Currently, Stories is only available for X Premium subscribers. You’ll find it displayed in the “For You” tab of the Explore section. This feature offers X Premium users a quick and convenient way to catch up on what people are talking about on the platform. Since the news will be generated solely through tweets, it provides a unique perspective on the news cycle.


Google bans ads generating Deepfake porn

Google now prohibits ads promoting websites and apps that generate deepfake pornography. This includes services that create “deepfakes” with sexual content. This new policy will take effect immediately from May 30, 2024. With this step, Google aims to combat the spread of non-consensual and potentially harmful deepfake porn. However, if advertisers are still found to be promoting deepfake porn then they stand the risk of getting suspended from Google Ads. Overall, this is a welcome step as deepfake posses a serious problem especially with regards to the spread of pornographic and explicit content.


Instagram’s ‘Add Yours’ sticker now offers ‘song sharing’ feature

Instagram’s “Add Yours” sticker has expanded its capabilities by including ‘music sharing’ feature. It now allows you to share a song that reflects your mood or interests, along with prompting your followers to contribute their own favorite songs. You can access the sticker tray and select the “Add Yours Music” sticker. Then, tap the “+” symbol to search and choose a song from Instagram’s music library. Once you post your story, viewers can participate by tapping the “Add Yours” button and adding their own song selection from the music library. Overalls, this new feature adds another layer of engagement to Instagram Stories, allowing music lovers to share and discover based on their sonic preferences.

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