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It’s Official: Microsoft Xbox Series X will have 12 Teraflops GPU


Microsoft Shed More Light on Xbox Series X

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Microsoft on Monday shed more light on its upcoming flagship gaming brand Xbox Series X’s hardware specs. And oh boy, the specs look pretty impressive. The most important piece of information that came out on Monday was that Xbox will have 12 teraflops of GPU performance, which is twice more than Xbox One X and eight times more than Xbox One. Experts are already claiming that such a powerful graphic processor may help the gaming industry to make that generational leap. Gaming nerds will have the final say whether or not there is any credence to such tall claims. As for other important specification goes, Xbox Series X will also boost variable rate shading, hardware accelerated directx raytracing, quick resume for multiple games and smart delivery.


Warren Buffett Finally starts Using Apple Iphone      

Warren Buffett, one of the most renowned billionaires, does not own an Iphone – until now that is. Buffett revealed to CNBC that he has finally traded his cheap flip phone for latest Apple Iphone model. The celebrated investor said that many people including Tim Cook have gifted Iphone in the past, but this one has finally got hold of him. Buffett’s lack of enthusiasm for world’s most expensive phone comes as a surprise, given that his company Berkshire Hathaway owns 5.7% stake in Apple Inc.


Desperate for Profit, Uber to put ad displays atop vehicles

After its IPO debacle, Uber is apparently searching for every possible revenue means to improve its loss laden balance sheet. It is probably this desperation that is forcing the ride-hailing giant to introduce ad displays on atop of its vehicles in three U.S. cities by April 1. The Softbank backed company has already inked a deal with the out-of-home ad-tech company Adomni for this purpose. Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix are reportedly three U.S. cities where these ads will be displayed. Meanwhile, Uber’s shares continue to trade below its IPO price on NYSE, clearly reflecting the low investor’s confidence.


Netflix Rolls out new feature to show top 10 most-watched content on its platform

Starting today, Netflix will add new feature that will enable you to check out the 10 most popular content trending in your respective countries. These top 10 content will be probably segregated and decided on the basis of vote. After running a successful trail in U.K and Mexico, this feature will now be introduced globally and worldwide. Considering massive amount of content on Netflix, this new feature may help Netflix’s users to watch some quality and good content.


China is Spying on WeChat and Twitter to Track Negative Information on coronavirus

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Stung by coronavirus outbreak’s adverse impact on the economy, Chinese government has reportedly started spying on WeChat and Twitter to track negative information about coronavirus. Given that coronavirus outbreak has brought lot of negative publicity for China, Chinese government’s latest action is least surprising. Traditionally, China’s communist government has been known for silencing dissent.

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