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It’s Official: Amazon finally acquires MGM for $8.45BN – Top Tech News

Here are the top tech news from the world of technology


It’s Official: Amazon finally acquires MGM for $8.45BN

Image Credits: Flickr cabriolet2008

After days of relentless speculation, Amazon has finally acquired MGM studio for $8.45BN. This is Amazon’s second costliest acquisition after it acquired Whole Foods for roughly $13Bn in 2017. Critics have described this as Amazon’s most ambitious move in the entertainment space till date. The acquisition will help the e-commerce giant in beefing up its content library. More importantly, it will help the company to take on deep pocketed streaming players like Netflix & Disney.


Starting today, most Twitter users can access ‘Spaces’ directly from their browser

A user browsing Twitter on Smartphone…image source: Pixabay

Users can access ‘Spaces,’ Twitter’s alternative to Clubhouse, directly from their browsers starting Wednesday. Previously, Twitter users could access Spaces only through Twitter’s Android and IOS app. But its seems that, as of now, spaces’ wide accessibility is limited to the US and few European markets. There has been a rush among tech giants in launching audio based social networking platform. This after Clubhouse became a big rage and attracted phenomenal download numbers.


Facebook report claims that Russia is the biggest player in spreading disinformation

A report unveiled on Wednesday by Facebook has claimed that Russia continues to be pivotal player in spreading disinformation. The report does not bare out any significant details. But categorically signaled out Russia for spreading propogandist information across the world. Since last few years, U.S and Russian relationship has been going through a bad patch. The relationship hit the sour note especially after it came to light that Russia tried to interfere in 2016 US presidential relationship via social media propaganda.


Apple removes an app that required at least ‘3 star rating’ for full functionality

Apple symbol
Image Credits: Flickr shaeenhaque

Apple has removed a controversial app that mandatorily demanded at least 3 star rating. This app did not allow users to use its full functionality until they did not allot at least 3 star rating.  Named as UPNP Extreme app, this controversial app claimed to allow users to stream video on the TV screen. Before removing the app, Apple had labeled it as a ‘scam.’


PayPal to add third party tool for Bitcoin Transfer outside its platform

Image Credit: Flickr Official Gates

PayPal has said that it will soon add third party tool that will allow its users to transfer Bitcoin outside its own platform. This significant feature was lacking ever since PayPal announced last year that it will allow buying and selling of Bitcoin on its platform. However, the payment giant has now filled this void, which should give further acceleration to crypto adoption.

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