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Italy fines Google and Apple for unethical data practice – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Italy fines Google and Apple for unethical data practice

Italy’s regulatory body has imposed a hefty fine of $10 Mn euros apiece on Apple and Google for allegedly practicing aggressive data practices. The Italian regulator has alleged that both tech giant deliberately withheld information from its users about the commercial use of their personal data. Apple and Google have so far not commented on this matter. The last few years have been particularly rough for big tech as it has been facing severe crackdown in the home country U.S and other countries (Click here).


Zoom Shares see Massive Jump on Emergence of new COVID Variant

Zoom’s shares rallied sharply on Friday on the emergence of news that new COVID variant could infuse fresh lockdown in several countries. As per reports, Zoom shares rose as much as 5% to 7% during the intera-day trading and clocked almost 11% increase by end of the trading day on Friday. Investors are claiming that emergence of new COVID Variant may propel Zoom shares further in coming days (Click here).


Scientists are getting strange signals from ‘Venus’

Off late, scientists are getting curious and excited about getting strange signals from the planet ‘Venus.’ A recent study has found that the strange signals may be emanating due to volcanic eruptions taking place on the planet ‘Venus.’ The scientific community has always believed that Venus’ surface is covered by surreal volcanos (Click here).


Launched in 2019, Spotify has now withdrawn this feature

Image Source: Flickr

Spotify had  launched a feature called ‘Car View’ feature with lot of fanfare back in 2019. But Spotify has reportedly withdrawn this feature. But it is not clear whether Spotify has removed the app only from Android or from all platforms. This feature was designed to make the Spotify app less distracting and easier to control while driving (Click here)

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