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IT Major Infosys joins Metaverse bandwagon

India’s IT giant Infosys announced on Thursday its maiden venture into the virtual reality world of Metaverse. Its metaverse vertical will be called Metaverse Foundry, which will ease and help its client in adopting to this emerging and new technology at a much larger scale. The company added that it has already created 100 use case studies and templates that will aid its client in leveraging the components offered by the Metaverse Foundry.

Infosys also informed that it is already working with quite a few high profile clients hailing from several key areas. In sports, for instance, it is working with Australian Open and French Open to give its audience a simulated virtual reality experience. One of the many things that tennis addicts can do is that they can buy several tennis related products in Metaverse and bring them to the real world.

The IT major, however, hasn’t disclosed any information about how much money it will invest in Metaverse Foundry. The company equally maintains that these are still early days and in initial days it is likely to see more traction in the online retail space.

Meanwhile, Infosys’ arch rival TCS has also told a leading business news portal that it will be investing in metaverse space and developed some products related to Metaverse. But TCS, which is India’s largest software company, has told that it will be investing a meagre amount in Metaverse. That said, unlike Infosys, TCS still hasn’t announced official foray into the metaverse technology.

Infosys and TCS’ small steps in the Metaverse technology may propel other Indian IT companies to make similar investment in this emerging virtual reality technology. But it will not be wrong to presume that currently Indian IT companies are likely to small ticket investments in the metaverse technology. Mainly because the metaverse technology is still in nascent stage and will take probably many more years to reach a matured stage.

Meta (earlier known as Facebook) and Microsoft are among the foremost companies that are taking giant stride in building a metaverse technology. Mark Zuckerberg is so upbeat about the Metaverse technology that earlier this year he converted his social media platform into a full-time metaverse company.

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