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IOS 14 has sneaked in a new secret feature to the iPhone – Top Trending News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…check it out…


IOS 14 has sneaked in a new secret feature to the iPhone


Released and launched in September 2020, IOS 14 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. We all know that with every new version of IOS, Apple aims to add set of new features to its iPhone. But with IOS 14, Apple has done something that it has rarely done in the past.  According to reports, IOS 14 has secretly added a new button to iPhone. Since the entire operating was done secretly, most iPhone users are still not aware about. This new secretive feature is called ‘Back TAP.’  To know more click here.


Why Disney may have gone over-board with its new Skinless Robot   

Robots with human like appearance are conventionally considered more impressive and also realistic. However, Disney may have just over done it with its new skinless robot. The thing is that Disney’s new skinless robot almost has a human like gaze and teeth. While this should have casted a positive impression, Disney’s new Robot may end up scrying you. People who have checked it out are labeling it as Zombie…to know more click here.


This AI can predict if you have Covid-19 just by scrutinizing your cough

Something as normal as cough has played a huge role in the spread of Covid-19. Hence today when someone coughs it almost triggers a panic reaction. However, if researchers at MIT have their way then we may soon know whether people coughing around you can spread Covid 19 or not.  MIT researchers claim that they have developed an AI system that detects peculiar patterns in the coughs that can serve as an early warning signal of the virus…to know more click here.


Did Sean Connery had a spat with Apple’s Steve Jobs

Since 48 hours Sean Connery has been dominating the social media platforms after the legendary James Bond actor breath his last on Saturday. Twitter and Facebook have been replete with Sean Connery’s photos, favorite movie dialogues and everything that could possibly make people nostalgic about the Scottish actor. Interestingly, a viral post has been doing round that claims that Sean Connery had a spat with Apple’s Steve Jobs. This viral post claims that Connery had written a letter in 1998 to jobs expressing his outrage over the fact that Apple had asked him to appear for an advertisement. However, most news portals are claiming that this viral post is fake and Connery had written no such letter to Jobs.

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