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Investors panic over Intel’s grim Forecast, Stock down over 9%

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology. Stories that we feel every tech enthusiast should know about.


Investors panic over Intel’s grim forecast, stock down over 9%

Intel Corp on Friday announced one of the grimmest forecasts in its corporate history after its P.C. chip business continues to struggle for revival, sending its stocks southwards and putting more brakes to its revival efforts. In the current quarter, the company announced surprise loss and poor sales figures that missed analysts’ expectation by a huge margin. Adding insult to the injury is the fact that rival AMD is gaining a market share at the cost of Intel. Intel’s PC chip business, which is its main flagship business, has failed to recover since post-pandemic blues. To calm the frayed nerves of the investors, Intel’s CEO Pat Glesinger that it will be few more years before it makes a comeback.       


BuzzFeed is the latest online publisher to say ‘yes’ to ‘AI Generated Content’

Ever since OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT recently created sensation across the online world, more and more online publishers are looking to embrace the AI generated content. BuzzFeed has become the latest publisher to harness the power of artificial intelligence for creating content and quizzes. However, BuzzFeed has categorically said in an e-mail response to Reuters that it won’t be using ChatGPT but OpenAI’s publicly available API for creating content and quizzes. BuzzFeed’s stocks saw sharp rise in its price on Thursday on the report of its elaborate plan to use AI generated content. Although content generated by AI is a thorny issue as far as ranking on search engine goes, Google recently confirmed that it does not have problem with such content provided it fulfils certain conditions.


NYC wants all ‘Uber’ & ‘Lyft’ cabs to go electric by 2030  

Probably by the start of the next decade, every cab on the street of New York City will be an electric car. New York’s Mayor Eric Adams has outlined an ambitious agenda that will make it mandatory for Uber, Ola and similar companies to opt for zero emission cars by 2030. However, the New York did not specify how this transition would take place. Although Uber and Lyft have more or less welcomed the news, drivers may not be all that happy with this transition. That’s because running and operating EVs are far more expensive than combustion engine cars. But with EVs seen as a boon against pollution, probably there is nothing stopping it from go mainstream in near future.


Tesla postpones mass production of its much awaited ‘Cybertruck’ by 2024

Tesla has said that its much anticipated Cybertruck, which has already created waves due its radical design, won’t be entering the mass production until 2024. Earlier Cybertruck was supposed to go for mass production in 2023. Musk confirmed the news about the delay in production during the fourth quarter earnings call. Customers and investors are desperately waiting for this vehicle to hit the market, with the latter especially pinning hopes that it will help in Tesla’s market. Since last several weeks Tesla stocks have seen massive drop in its price and subsequent decline in its market valuation.


Australia to start probing Social Media Influencers (here’s why)

Australia has decided to turn the screws on social media influencers over false and misleading endorsement. Australia’s competition regulator said on Friday that it would verify whether influencers across the social media platforms have publicly declared their affiliation with the brands that they are promoting. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said that this action is due to slew of complains by the consumers claiming that the endorsements and testimonials endorsed by the influencers were found to be increasingly misleading and false. As part of this crackdown, ACCC will launch a thorough review of influencers on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.


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