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Introducing New Collaboration Tools? Here’s How You Can Ensure Your Employees Can Make the Most of Them

Although the COVID19 pandemic has made working from home the new normal, it is not something new and has been around for a while. In the last decade, numerous companies have adopted the remote working culture actively to reduce transit times and offer flexibility to their employees.

Successful remote work is impossible with the necessary tools and can distort the normal pace of processes. For example, you need project management tools for scheduling tasks and time management tools for keeping a track of employee work progress.

Even with these tools, ensuring quality results could become a task since there is no way to effectively collaborate with remote team members spread across different time zones. This is where collaboration tools come into play.

Collaboration tools make work more efficient by allowing employees to work together and share knowledge online irrespective of their geographical location. While there is no doubt that collaboration is a critical tool for effective communication, it is imperative employees know how to implement it effectively.

When introducing new collaboration tools, here’s how you can ensure employees make the most of them and achieve more value from your collaboration initiatives:

Communicate the purpose of the tool:

Once you have picked the right tool that aligns with your business needs, it is essential to clearly communicate with your team members the purpose of its implementation. It is recommended to schedule a meeting with your team members and establish protocols.

Before you start using a collaboration tool for your business, your employees must be on the same page about how it will aid their work. After all, technology is only as effective as the user and the way they use it.

Train your employees:

It is possible that your employees may need the training to understand all the features and how to make the most of the collaboration tools. With training about careful implementation, you can provide employees an enduring collaboration platform that will facilitate their work significantly.

Executing online training becomes easier with the help of a Learning Management System (LMS). A cloud-based software, the LMS streamlines the delivery of the training material with various multimedia content formats, making learning interactive and fun. It is advisable to check reviews before investing in an LMS. For instance, the Absorb LMS reviews show how its intuitive design makes this software easy to navigate.

Integrate the new tools into existing processes:

A collaboration tool that seamlessly integrates with other software your employees use every day takes the game to a whole new level. Sync up the tool with your existing systems to save valuable employee time required for manual data transfer.

The ability to integrate collaboration tools into existing processes helps in avoiding delays and improves the efficacy of the team. For example, by integrating customer forms filled on your website with a file management system, employees save the time required to manually enter data. This also ensures the data is error-free and saved in a centralized location without any delays due to dependence on external software.

Encourage feedback:

Ensuring everyone is on the same page is essential for the best utilization of collaboration tools. To achieve this, track the pace of implementation of new tools and gauge if employees are facing any issues in adapting to their usage.

Apart from collecting data from the tools, ask your employees for feedback to understand how productive the use of these tools is turning out for them. Regularly taking employee feedback and monitoring results will enable you to help employees use the tools more skillfully.


The rise of virtual interactions can still make employees fall prey to misunderstanding. To combat this, building strong communication skills and having the ability to collaborate with the help of tools is vital. Employees who leverage the strength of collaboration tools can easily avoid miscommunication and achieve peak productivity.

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