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Internet lauds Musk’s decision to restore internet in Ukraine

Elon Musk on Saturday gave a much needed helping hand to Ukraine by restoring Starlink’s satellite broadband services across the country. Musk took this unprecedented step after Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Mkyhailo Fedorov requested him to provide satellite based communication to help the country in fighting and insisting Russia’s military invasion.

Fedorov made the request to SpaceX’s CEO on the microblogging website twitter. Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister tweeted that “While you colonize mars Russia try to occupy Ukraine……..we ask you to provide Ukraine with Starlink internet services.”

Almost 10 hours after this tweet was tweeted, Musk replied tweeting “Starlink service is now active in Ukraine.”

Fedorov immediately expressed his gratitude to Musk’s generous gesture by replying “Thank you” to him.


Ukraine is currently reeling under Russia’s military invasion and has scrambling hard to get help from rest of the world for resisting the Russian invasion.

Meanwhile, netizens across the board applauded Musk’s bold decision to restore Starlink’s internet services in the war torn country.

It is not always that the talismanic tycoon, who has millions of followers on Twitter, gets so much of unconditional love by his followers and non-followers on the micro-blogging website. Since the SpaceX and Tesla’s CEO carries a public perception of being a smug and arrogant, he often gets trolled and castigated on Twitter.

Below we’ve shared some of the best tweets that show netizen’s unfettered appreciation for Musk’s generous gesture for Ukraine.

One particular tweet said that Musk has possibly done more for Ukraine than the entire Biden administration. Another tweet said that if the UN and NATO had show the same urgency and speed that Musk has show then today probably things would have been much different in Ukraine.

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