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Internet Infra: The Underrated Factor Behind Growth of a New-Age Business

The world of business is ever-evolving. Back in the day, physical marketplaces and word-of-mouth strategies held a strong value, but these modalities are insufficient today to capture the interests of modern consumers and radically improve the bottom line. It is all about a digital presence now. Virtual marketplaces, brand sites, and social media marketing are crucial for maintaining a place in the future. And, what makes these commercial trends possible is a technology that goes by the name of the internet. The internet is much more than just a tool or a stepping-stone. It is a dynamic cloud that covers the entire world and connects businesses with the right set of customers. There are many benefits of having a fast internet connection for a business organization, but the following take the lead in this regard. Check them out.

Customer Acquisition

According to Statista research, the number of online shoppers in the US is projected to reach 230.5 million by 2021, which is a monumental figure if you compare it to the previous years. Any business organization looking to outdo the competition and leave a lasting mark in the e-commerce market should be able to attract this huge traffic of shoppers to its site and convert them into potential buyers. The presence of a highly functional website matters here a lot, which cannot be possible without the support of high-speed internet. Multiple providers offer smart network solutions to businesses and Time Warner Cable is one of them. Faster internet will make sure that your website has:

  • An ideal page loading time of fewer than 2 seconds, since online users hate to wait.
  • A clean interface and eye-catching graphics, since online users always judge a book by its cover.
  • A user-friendly checkout platform, since online shoppers tend to purchase directly from a business site.

So, having a faster internet connection at your back helps you generate leads and hit a higher conversion rate than ever before.

Seamless Support

Speaking of customer acquisition, another aspect plays a vital role in the whole process, i.e. customer service and support. Businesses need to understand the psychology of today’s customers and interpret how they behave, interact, and shop online. What drives them towards a brand and what drives them away. Customer service is a major deciding factor. If a business provides amazing customer service to users, not only does it acquire more leads but it also retains its current base of subscribers. On the other hand, if a business fails to answer customer queries on time, flexibly take them through the conversion steps, or courteously stay with them even after the purchases have been made, then it loses its standing in the eyes of customers and bites the dust. What does a fast internet connection have to do with customer support? It enables a business to:

  • Promptly cater to agitated users on social media platforms.
  • Deploy AI chatbots and live customer support.
  • Automate phone lines to reduce wait time and achieve customer satisfaction.

Therefore, a high-speed business network ensures a seamless provision of customer service.

Better Collaboration & Productivity

A business organization is composed of hundreds of units and departments, which work together for the betterment of the entire body. This ‘working together’ in unanimity is important because it refines business functionality and improves output. In the past, a certain lack of resources and state-of-the-art tools made team collaboration, data maintenance, and closing day-to-day tasks difficult. This caused unnecessary delays in business processes and created an air of inefficiency. The advent of internet technology changed all that. Now, a central business network allows for:

  • Quicker task completion and a higher employee productivity rate.
  • Cross-department and intra-departmental communication via email, video conferencing, and online chat platforms.
  • Cloud-based storage of corporate data and authorized access – anywhere, anytime.
  • Remote collaboration ease for the mobile workforce.

Thus, a faster internet connection streamlines business operations and boosts employee performance.

Enhanced Business Security

Back in 2019, a cybersecurity study revealed a startling fact. About 60% of small businesses that are targeted by cybercriminals go out of business within six months of the attack! This shows just how critical business security is in today’s world. There is no use relying on outdated security tactics anymore. Fortunately, the internet offers an opportunity for enhanced security to businesses. It empowers them to invest in advanced cloud protection technology, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, anti-spyware, anti-virus, and other useful programs, VPNs, security updates, and bug fixes, etc. With the help of a fast internet connection, businesses can patch up their security better and stay safe online.

Wrapping Up

The presence of a high-speed internet connection is crucial for today’s businesses since it provides multiple benefits, most of which are covered in this post.

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