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Internet Explorer’s gravestone goes viral in South Korea

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Internet Explorer’s gravestone goes viral in South Korea

Internet Explorer, the once popular web browser that was officially retired by Microsoft last week, has found a final resting place in South Korea. This after a South Korean engineer built a gravestone for the internet explorer in a South Korean city. The photo of this gravestone has now gone viral on social media. The engineer has also written on the tombstone: ‘he was a good tool to download other browsers,’ which simply means that people in the last few years used Internet Explorer only for downloading rival browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


SpaceX fires five employees for criticizing Elon Musk

SpaceX has reportedly terminated the jobs of at least five of its employees for circulating internal mail that was found to be highly critical of its CEO Elon Musk. New channel CNBC has reported that SpaceX management has dashed out an e-mail to all its employees. In this email, the space rocket company has warned that any anti-company activities won’t be tolerated and the employees should only focus on future challenging missions. By the way, this highly controversial internal email mentioned about Musk’s over-activism on Twitter and even recent allegation of sexual misconduct. The employees said that Musk’s activities were posing great embarrassment for the entire company.


WhatsApp enhances ‘privacy’ by adding more features


Instant messaging app Whatsapp is handing out more privacy features to all its users. Starting this week, the instant messaging platform will allow you to hide your profile photos and last seen status from specific people. Before this, if the users chose to hide their profile photo and last seen status then they had to mandatorily hide from everyone. Whatsapp had launched this privacy feature early this year in a beta stage and therefore only people could access it. But now all Android and IOS users can access this feature.


Apple all set to brace for its first-ever Union

Image Credits: Flickr Adam Fagen

Apple’s retail store in America’s Maryland state is on its way to form its staff union. According to reports, out of 110 employees working at Apple’s Maryland store, 65 employees voted in favor of the union while 33 employees voted against it. This election outcome has been considered historic as it will be for the first-time that an Apple retail store will have its own staff union. Efforts are also currently going on in other Apple retail stores to form staff. As far as the Apple management is concerned, they are certainly not happy with these union efforts.


Lay offs continue in Indian startups, CityMall fires 190 employees

CityMall, the social commerce startup, has become the latest startup to opt for mass layoffs. According to Entrackr, CityMall has fired 190 employees, which constitutes nearly 10% of its total workforce. Interestingly, the social commerce startup has opted to go for layoffs months after raising $75 Mn from investors. Off late, It has indeed been a season of layoffs for Indian startups. Slew of high-profile Indian startups including Unacademy, Vedantu, Cars24, Rupeek, Meesho and many others have gone for mass lay-offs.

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