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Intel Processor has an Unfixable Security flaw – Top Trending News  

Today’s top trending stories from tech world touches on Intel, Tim cook, Spacex, Facebook and Nintendo   


Intel Processor has an Unfixable Security flaw 

In shocking news, enterprise security major Positive Technologies has detected a major security flaw in Intel Processors launched during last five years. Positive Technologies claim that this security flaw is so massive that it could even supersede hardware based encryption and DRM protections. Worse, the traditional anti-virus system doesn’t have enough power to cope with Intel’s security flaw.  But Intel – as expected – has downplayed these security flaws and claimed that everything is fine.


Tim Cook wants Apple Employees to work from Home

Image Courtesy: Flickr

Cornonavirus has forced every possible big tech company to adapt work from home strategy, including the very own Apple Inc. Touting Cornonavirus as an unprecedented event, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has dashed a memo encouraging Apple’s global employees to work from their home from March 9 to 13, according to Bloomberg’s report. Cook stated in the memo that the company is making every possible effort to reduce human density in order to prevent the spread of Cornonavirus. Apart from Apple’s corporate offices in U.S, this memo will be applicable on company’s office located in France, South Korea, Germany, Italy and Japan.


SpaceX’s 50th rocket landing marks the end of Dragon 1 Capsule   

Image Courtesy: Flickr

After successful takeoff and completing 20th cargo mission to international space station, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket landed on a landing pad in Florida. The landing not only marked SpaceX’s 50th rocket landing but also its last flight using Dragon 1 Capsule. Elon Musk’s company has long been dependent on Dragon 1 Capsule to carry logistical necessities to ISS. But now the space company’s hardware is about to get a major up gradation and henceforth all its space mission will be launched using Dragon 2 Capsule hardware. Hope so that this major hardware up gradation will help the space company to explore new depth of the universe.


Facebook Bans ads for Medical Face Masks

To prevent any possible exploitation in the wake of Cornonavirus outbreak, Facebook is imposing temporary ban on Medical Face Masks, according to CNBC report. The social media giant is concerned that the medical emergency has prompted many health companies to make false claims. Facebook said that this ban will also be applicable on Instagram.


Old Nintendo Play Station is sold for Whopping $360,000 at auction

An old and Nintendo Play Station was sold for whopping $360,000 at a weekend auction, according to CNN report. Greg McLemore, founder of and, made the winning bid and defeated quite a few high profile competitors including Palmer Luckey, CEO of Oculus VR. Interestingly, this old and rare Nintendo Play Station never actually made into the market.


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