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InsTube – Free Online Video & Music Downloader For Android

In today’s smartphone age, getting a free app that can add a lot of value to your everyday life is a pretty big thing. After all, saving money during today’s inflationary times is a good enough motivation to grab those free apps that dole out pretty good functions for you. So here is a review of one good free app that most certainly will add great dosage of entertainment in your everyday life. This is InsTube. A free Android app that enables you to download your favourite videos & music from popular platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc. So, without wasting any further time let’s start the review.

Good things-  lightweight, supports 25 websites, quick download & video locker           

First the good things. To begin with, InsTube is a pretty lightweight app that is easy to download and also will take very little memory space on your Android phone. This lightweight app is also very easy to operate, thanks to its clutter free and simple interface. Its interface is so simple that even people, who are naïve about using smartphones, can easily operate this app.

The moment you open this app, its home page flashes the logos of various popular websites like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Vevo etc. The users can click on any of these sites, search for their favourite videos and then download it. To download, you’ll have to click on af ‘red downward arrow button ‘and you’re done for the good. InsTube supports many more sites like AOL, Tumblr, Vuclip, Vimeo and Liveleak. I personally found it very impressive that it supports pretty good number of websites.

Now coming to the actual performance, which will determine whether this app is a real deal or not. Well, turns out that this app goes around doing its job pretty efficiently. I streamed several videos on Youtube, including high definition videos, and faced no problems. I was left impressed how quickly it played the videos. I hardly had to wait. And of course the downloading was just as smooth and quick.

Talking more about download, then this app offers users options to either download videos in high-quality formats or in low-quality video formats like M4A, 3GP, and MP3. Furthermore, you can lock these videos with a password, which is great thing from a privacy point of view. I successfully managed to lock quite a few videos and also easily unlocked it. I think this feature is great to securely store all our personal videos.

Another noteworthy point is that users can easily make desired setting changes as and when they want. Users can make changes in picture quality, download quality, screen colour and auto next option. I personally made changes couple of times and every time the changes were executed pretty smoothly.

Finally, I like the fact that this is a 100% safe & secure app. I had already heard that this app does not spy into your personal information and hence the threat of selling your personal data to the third party does not arise. I support this claim based on my own positive experience.

Not so good things – Ad Pop ups

Frankly, there aren’t many bad things to talk about InsTube. But if I’ve to come up with one, then surely those Ad pop ups that this app keeps throwing is surely a big irritant. It is well-known that most browsers hate pop ups, especially on smartphones where pop ups take up the entire screen.


I certainly recommend all the android phone users to download this app. It will more than solve your download problems and greatly enhance your entertainment quotient. It is light weight, easy-to-use and downloads even HD videos pretty quickly. Over all, this app has all the positive attributes and hence all the android users should at least try it once.

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